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Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

I didn’t know what on earth I was going to do for Allie’s Algebra this year.  I was hoping that she would be able to take it at our homeschool co-op, but the class ended up not be available. It’s not that we couldn’t teach her a high school math, but sometimes it’s so much more peaceful to take some classes from someone else.  So….when the opportunity came up to review classes from Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses I was so happy! We very enthusiastically chose ALGEBRA!!!!!!  I had never heard of Standard Deviants Accelerate, but they have a long history to offering great classes to classrooms and families.

Standard Deviants Accelerate offers many classes, starting with age 8 to adult.  Here is a list of what they offer.

Arithmetic – Grades 3+
Fundamental Math – Grades 4+
Earth Science – Grades 6+
Nutrition – Grades 6+
Algebra – Grades 7+
Biology – Grades 7+
Chemistry – Grades 9+
English Comp. – Grades 9+
U.S. History – Grades 9+
AP Biolody – Grades 11+
AP Chemistry – Grades 11+
AP U.S. Government & Politics – Grades 11+
AP U.S. History – Grades 11+
AP Eng. Composition – Grades 11+

SD Accelerate was unlike any other online course we have tried.  The videos were actually fun, entertaining and educational!!  There were fun little stories that helped you understand the lesson.  There was no monotonous speaker lecturing! Many learning styles are reached during instruction.  This was nice because it kept Allie’s attention.  She may have thought some of it was kind of quirky, but she remembered it!

I can sign on as the parent and see her report card and grade her written answers.  The parent’s/teacher portion is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  We did get a little confused in the initial set up of the student account.  It was my fault, but I didn’t set her up with a student account right away and she was going through the lessons as the teacher.   She now has her own account.  I am able to see her grades now, where as before it wasn’t recording her scores.  She still worked through the lessons just fine.  Looking back on it, I had sent her the link and the password to set everything up.  I should have set up mine as the teacher and got her set up as the student.

I liked that this was entirely online.  This gave Allie the freedom to work on it wherever we had internet.  She was able to do some of it on her Kindle at co-op during study hall and finish what she couldn’t access when we got home.  She was able to use multiple computers around the house depending on what was going on, so that was helpful.

Allie did lessons about 4 times a week and did well.  I’m pleased that Algebra has not been too painful for her so far.  We plan to continue to use this as our math this year.

Standard Deviants Accelerate can be found on many social media sites including: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

Homeschoolers can purchase classes for one student for $99 for a year or $24.95 per month.  AP courses are available for $14.95 for one student.

Many of us on the Review Crew got to review Algebra and MANY other courses that Standard Deviants Accelerate offer.  Click on the banner below to see what they had to say about what they reviewed.

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