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Happy Kids Songs Review

Happy Kids Songs Review

We were blessed with some great summer products this year.   This is another one!  We received a digital download of 3 sets of 5 songs from the award winning Happy Kids Songs.  They were Friends and Sharing, Happiness and Attitude & Manner and Character.  We also received a printed copy of  Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands On Activities to Build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.  David (8), Evie (3) and Thomas (2) listened to the songs and colored pages in the workbook.. They are recommended for ages 3-8, but work great for kids a little younger and a little older.

Volume 1: Friend and Sharing

  • Sailing on the Seven C’s
  • Everybody Wants to Find a Friend
  • Sharing Friends
  • Happy As Happy Can Be
  • Together

Volume 5: Happiness and Attitude

  • Shake It Out and Dance
  • Who Knows What’s a Kudo
  • I Don’t Understand
  • Be Good to Yourself
  • Better Together

Volume 6: Manners and Character

  • H-o-n-e-s-t-y
  • The Magic Word
  • Quirks
  • The Golden Rule
  • Six Little Kids


The kids like to listen to CD’s first thing in the morning, so this was a fun addition to their collection.  These songs have a great message in a catchy tune.  I was able to talk about the songs with the kids when their behavior needed a little correction.  I would remind them what the song said and ask them what it meant.  Evie really got a lot out of it.  I was surprised how much she understood!

I was very impressed with all the great character building lessons that Happy Kids Songs covers.  My littles are very much into repetition right now so we heard a lot of the first song we burnt on the CD.  It is from Album 1- Friends and Sharing: “Sailing on the Seven C’s”.  Caring, consideration, commitment, communication, concern, curiosity and cooperation.  It’s a cute song that on the surface my little ones thought it was about sailing on the sea.  But after talking with them and working on the coloring pages they understood that it was all about being nice.  Now we can use the bigger words when we talk about being nice to other people.

The workbook is a great addition to the songs.  There are pictures to color, activities to do and suggested lessons to go with each song.  The workbook includes activities for all 8 albums.  It’s recommended for kids 4-8, but definitely worked for ones a little younger.  The activities were easily adaptable.

Each 5 song album is $4.95, you get a free printable bonus with purchase. The workbook is $12.56.  While the workbook is not necessary, it was nice to have.

All around I was very impressed with everything we received.  The kids instantly picked up on great character traits while learning a fun new song.  I enjoyed the convenience of the workbook and copyright permission to make copies for my family. I also liked the versatility of the music download.  We burnt it to a disk, but had the option to put on any device.

Happy Kids Songs can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  They have a great website with lots of wonderful resources.  You can also sign up for their newsletter and receive some freebies.

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