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Roman Roads Media: Old Western Culture

Even though Allie (10th grade) would be gone a good portion of the summer at camp, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review Roman Roads Media: Old Western Culture: The Greeks.  I thought this would be a great curriculum for her.    She has never done a study like this.  We received the third installment in their series called  Greeks: The Histories.  This 12 lecture DVD includes  Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon.  The full series has 4 units:

  1. The Epics
  2. Drama and Lyric
  3. The Histories
  4. The Philosophers

This curriculum was made by and for homeschoolers to teach history and literature.  Old Western Culture teaches about Western Civilization and how it was formed.  It is the chance to return to Classical Education, to learn from real books that changed history and how it was viewed.  It is also written from a Christian perspective.  Old Western Culture is a wonderful way to learn from these classics.  They have set up a very user friendly, flexible and affordable curriculum.

The schedule included in the curriculum has this as a 9 week course, using it 5 days a week.  Since this is one fourth of the curriculum, the whole series would be enough material for one year. The workbook also includes lecture questions, reading questions and the answer key.  We downloaded the books on our Kindle from the links that were included.  Lessons alternate between watching a 30 minute lecture, answering lecture questions, reading from the book and and answering reading questions. As a busy mom, I loved that everything was included.  There was no prep time, no searching for materials or lessons.  Everything is included in one place and it’s ready to sit down and use.

I would assign one day’s worth of work for her on the days she was here.  The lectures were not too long and she would be able to easily answer the questions.  She enjoyed reading the books.  I knew that would not be a problem since she love to read.  I printed out her worksheets as she needed them.  It was very easy to pull it up and print out the day’s work for her.

This was not Allie’s favorite assignment.  She definitely could complete the assignments and enjoyed reading something new, but she wouldn’t have picked this herself.  As a parent, I liked the concept of the curriculum and how much great content it has.  I think we will be adding this in our school lessons at some point.

This is a great curriculum to use with more than one student at a time.  Reading aloud, watching the lectures together and using the questions as discussion questions.  It would be great to be able to discuss and learn with your kids.  Also some of the subject matter in the books is quite mature.  This would give you the opportunity to discuss how you feel about these things.

The Old Western Culture Series are recommended for grades 8 and up. The Histories DVD is $56.00.  A digital version of the books needed are included with DVD purchase.  A PDF version of the Workbook and Teacher’s Edition is also included on the disc.  Roman Roads also gives permission for you to make unlimited copies to be used in your family.  That is a great benefit!  A sample lesson is available for you to see on the Roman Roads website.

Roman Roads Media can be found on many social media sites.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

Many other members of the TOS Review Crew received this and many other of Roman Roads Media products including other portions of Old Western Culture, including the full year curriculum.

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