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3P Learning: Mathletics Review

Finding a math program that engages my busy 8 year old son has been an ongoing struggle, so when we had the opportunity to review 3P Learning‘s Mathletics I was hoping that this would be the one.

We received a one year subscription to Mathletics, an award winning online math curriculum.  We used this with my son, David.  He is going in to third grade and is still a very busy boy.  His attention span is still quite minimal.  I keep thinking that I will find an online curriculum that will hold his attention and teach him.  He is quite reluctant to stick with anything that has to do with a computer when we use it for any type of school.

We’ve had a very busy summer, so finding time for school has been more difficult than I had imagined.  I envisioned a nice laid back summer with time to brush up on some subjects before school officially starts again.  I was wrong, but we pressed on!  David did not want to do this math, even though he says math is his favorite subject.  I encouraged him to just do it for a little bit and we set up a points system for everyday he completed his work.  Armed with this information, he was a little more willing to give it a try.

We went on the Mathletic website and signed him in.  We were able to customize his character to look like him.  That was fun.  We then went to the home screen where he had lots of fun activities to choose from.

David’s favorite was the Problem Solving Section.

This was his favorite game.  He clicked on all the items that were requested and the program made tally marks for each.  At the end, David needed to use those tally marks to make numbers for each.  He had used tally marks in the past, but didn’t remember.  He got the hang of this very quickly and played it over and over.

Mathletics offers so much more that we didn’t use.  David would click around and see other things, but would come back to this one.  I am fine with that because he used it!  Consistently!  He will continue to use this program and will grow and learn!  Mathletics has a great program for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  There are incentives and certificates.  There is a live score board where you can see the top 100 scores from students all over the world. Also parents receive a weekly email with your student’s progress report.

It was very nice that this was an online program.  We could it anywhere we have internet.  This was nice so we could had options on where we could do it.

One of my favorite things about this program was that you can click on the words and they are read aloud for you.  This is great, so I can be a few feet from David when he’s working on it, rather than having to stay right next to him and read everything myself.

There is a free 10 day trail to see if you like it. An annual subscription is now $59 per student.  It was $99.

Mathletics can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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