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My husband has passed on his love of reading to many of his children.  When I saw I could review Lightning Literature and Composition: British Early to Mid 19th Century Student’s and Teacher’s Guide from Hewitt Homeschooling, I knew Allie would LOVE it!

Hewitt Homeschooling’s Lightning Literature Series has so much to pick from.  We picked British Literature from Early to Mid 19th Century because Allie loves all things British and thought this time period would be interesting.  This specific course is for grades 9-12.

Despite Allie’s busy summer schedule, we did get some school in.  The first section is a collection of poems by William Blake.  These were all provided in the Student’s Guide.  She read over these and answered the questions.  There was much more in the section, but I had her go right to Pride and Prejudice so she could complete this section this summer.  We downloaded a free copy of the book to her Kindle.  She wasn’t too sure about it when she started, but quickly started to enjoy this book.  The Teacher’s guide has a lesson plan schedule, but that went a little fast for us.  We slowed it down a little and stretched out each assignment.  Allie felt very rushed doing it the way it was written.  This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling- doing what fits your family!

Allie read the Introduction section in the Student’s Guide, answered the questions for each section of the book.  Then learned about Characterization.  This was a great lesson!  Very well written and easy to understand.  The next part in the Guide was the writing assignment.  We were both very impressed at all the creative choices she had to choose from.  They gave her 6 very different, very creative choices to pick from. She chose #3, “Describe yourself in the third person (as if you were simply describing someone you know). Include at least one example of each of the methods described in the lesson.  This is, include at least one quote of something you have said, at least one account of an action, at least one quote from someone else talking about you and an “author’s perspective” (a comment from you , the narrator or the profile).  Each of these should demonstrate what sort of a person you are, and some significant elements of your character.”

The last part in the section is about Romanticism.  She was really surprised to learn that this meant.  It actually describes a time period from the late 18th Century to the Mid 19th Century.  It included some much more than “romantic” things.  She learned that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstien was considered Romantic.  This was very informative, something she now easily shares with others.

Allie has enjoyed this very much and has asked to complete this curriculum this upcoming school year.  I have fully agreed!  We may not follow the schedule exactly the way it is written, but it’s a great framework to a great curriculum.

This British Literature: Early – Mid 19th Century is for grades 9-12 and has a few suggested prerequisites on their website.  Allie had not done any of those yet, but is a strong, diverse reader and did great with the curriculum.  The Student’s Guide is and 8 1/2 x 11 bound, 274 page book that sells for $29.95. Here is the Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter.   The Teacher’s Guide has the answers to the questions, a schedule, teaching and grading aids and copy of the writing exercises and discussion questions.  It is available for $2.95.  It is 75 pages and is three hole punched.  I enjoyed having the Teacher’s Guide as a reference and guide.

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