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Library and Educational Services Go Science DVD review

I love to  share science with my kids!  So when I had the chance to review Library and Educational Services Go Science DVDs I was very excited!!!  We received 2 DVDs, Volume 4- Motion, Friction, Electricity and Light (series 2) and Volume 7- Engineering, Design and Flight (series 2).  As I was taking these out of the box, David (age 8) politely took these out of my hand and slipped into his room to watch them!  He came out later talking a mile a minute about how awesome these videos are!!!

David said his favorite of the two DVDs was the one where they wear the yellow shirts and are outside.  That was Number 7: Engineering, Design and Flight.  I have to agree, these were some pretty neat experiments!  There are 11 experiments on this 56 minute DVD.

The first one has to do with volume, it shows how looks can be deceiving.  The taller cylinder did not hold the most volume.   The high energy scientist in the DVD, Ben Roy took this and every experiment and showed how God is in everything.  Each experiment concludes with saying that “When we learn more about science, we learn more about our creator, God”. The second one is “Leaning Tower of Lyra”, where boards are balanced one on top of each other but in a staircase pattern so the top one actually starts off the table!  This was about the center of gravity.  The third one is called “Nail Balance”  this was really neat!  I didn’t know how they were going to balance 10 nails on top of one, but they did!!!  The fourth shows a trebuchet in action, and why it works.  The fifth is a centrifuge.  The sixth is “Walking on Eggs”, I was shocked, they really walked across eggs and they didn’t break!  This showed the strength of a circle.  I’m glad my head is a circle too!  The seventh is “a Bed of Nails”.  This was my favorite one on the whole video.  It was a great experiment and had a great Bible lesson, but it’s my favorite because David remembered the lesson so vividly and was one step ahead of Mr. Roy as he was explaining it to me.  There were 60 nails sticking out of the board pointy side up.  Then a cut out of a cross laid on top of them so you could only see the nails sticking out of the cross shape.  They took a balloon filled with air and pushed it down on the nails.  They pushed and pushed, but the balloon neither popped from the force or from the nails!  David quickly told me that this shows how Jesus protects us and keeps us from going to hell.  I was very impressed!!! He is, however, convinced that no other cut out shape would work, just a cross.  I’ll work on that one later!  The last four are all about flight, rocket balloons, vinegar rocket, toilet paper paint roller and film canister rocket.  These last ones brought up lots of questions about baking soda and how it was different than baking powder.  I was able to talk about each of these different substances and the periodic table.  Not bad with an 8 year old.  He actually got it too!


Volume 4 is about Motion, Friction, Electricity and Light.  This 55 minute DVD has 11 experiments also.  They are Tablecloth Trick, High Bounce Balls, Marble Gravitron, Yo-yo Big Spool, Bowling Ball, Friction, Floating Rice, Simple Motor, Nail Magnet, Colored Bubbles and Jumping Rings.

I love the tablecloth trick, it shows how objects at rest want to stay at rest.  The kids were so surprised that it worked.  The second video is the High Bounce Balls, it shows potential and kinetic energy.  The third was the Marble Gravitron, this was really neat.  It showed you can pick up a marble in an upside down glass without touching the marble! The fourth is the Yo-yo spool.  This showed that you can pull on the yo yo string and make it go two different directions. The next one was a bowling ball one, the sixth showed what friction was by trying to pull a sled with and without rollers.  The seventh one was Floating Rice.  I liked this one.  It showed that when the container was very full of rice, a skewer poked down into it would pick up the whole container.  Ben Roy used this as an analogy about the world’s population and teaching people about God.  My other favorite one on this DVD was about the Colored Bubbles.  They put some red dye in water and this represented sin.  They added some clear dish soap and made lots of bubbles in the same container.  The bubbles were white and not red.  This represented Jesus and how he takes our sin away!  That was neat!  A great object lesson.  Mr Roy also explained about light refraction and how clear can show white.

These DVDs are for ages 4-12.  Evie is 3 1/2 and she was quite enthralled with the videos.  She really watched to see what would happen and fine out why.  I think she paid such close attention because Ben Roy does a fabulous job of speaking right to the kids at their level.  Mr Roy has had lots of experience teaching as he is a science teacher at the University of Tennessee and a former television director of a science program.

These DVDs are $8.97 each or they can be purchased as a set for $59.82.



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