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Kinder Cottage Publishing, Peter Rabbit Review

I was given the opportunity to review two books from Kinder Cottage Publishing.  We received 2- 5×7 hard back books,  Peter Rabbit’s Christmas and Peter Rabbit’s Birthday.  I was so excited to share these with my kids!  They brought back such good memories of reading about Peter Rabbit when I was in elementary school.  I think I checked out these stories from the school library at each visit!  These are recommended for ages 3-9 so these were a perfect fit David and Evie.  Thomas even liked them, he’s almost 2.  They loved the stories and said that since we got the Christmas and Birthday ones that we need to read them every Christmas and for our Birthdays.

One of my very favorite things to do is cuddle up with my kids and read stories!  We have read so much over the past 17 years.  I have enjoyed learning along with the kids!  So we hopped up on the couch and started to read.

Peter Rabbit is always getting into some sort of mischief! In Peter Rabbit’s Christmas, Peter disobeys his mother and leaves the house when she’s not at home.  His sisters were so worried about him!  Peter starts exploring out in the snow when he hears sleigh bells.  He waits and a sleigh comes along.  He hopes that he can ride.  The sleigh stops and a little girl picks him up and puts him into her muff.  (Evie had never heard of a muff before, she learned it’s fuzzy material sewed up in a circle to put your hands in to keep warm.)  The little girl in the sleigh takes Peter to see Santa.  He of course gets into mischief with the toys in the Toy Shop.  When it’s time for Peter to be taken home, Santa gives him presents for his Mom and sisters.  The sleigh drops him back off at home where he meets his mother, who was very worried about him.  She was happy to see he had gifts from Santa and they opened them on Christmas.

Evie and I talked about disobeying your mommy and not being where you are supposed to be.  This was a great lesson for her to learn.  Thomas like to say “whoa” for the horses to stop and “ho, ho, ho” for Santa.  He’s so cute!!!!  I’m glad he was paying attention!

Peter Rabbit’s Birthday is about Peter looking forward to his birthday party.  His sisters are minding their mother and Peter is causing some sort of trouble again.  His mother told him if he didn’t obey that he wouldn’t have a birthday party  (I’m glad  that moms threatening to take away birthday parties has a long history, it still works today). Peter straightened up pretty quickly!  This mom and sisters wanted to make him a birthday cake, but he dumped the batter out before they could finish it.  Peter was so sorry and his mom quickly forgave him.  Peter went all around his “neighborhood” inviting all of his friends to his party.  He did find some mischief along the way.  He made it back to his house to celebrate with family and friends.

This story has lots of lessons to point out.  Disobedience, forgiveness, friendship and more.  I love how these wholesome books tell more than just a story.

I had never heard of Kinder Cottage before this review so I looked at the “about us” section on their website.  Howard and Ann Closs started this company in 2012.  They have four young boys and they wanted them to grow up with the love of western civilization which included literature, history, culture and Christian faith.  They offer the Peter Rabbit books, Wizard of Oz books, 2 original stories by Howard’s mom and they are beginning a history series now.  They have more books planned for the future.

The Peter Rabbit stories were originally written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus company over 90 years ago.  Since these are public domain books, Kinder Cottage adapted them by updating some of the language and published them preserving the story itself and the beautiful pictures.   They are available for $4 each or the set of 10 for $30.

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