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I’m so grateful for all the scouting programs the kids are involved with!  Our family has been scouting for 17 years now!  It all started when Katie began kindergarten.  She couldn’t wait to “scout”.  She got on the scale every morning and asked if she was big enough yet.  My kids have learned so many valuable lessons and life skills.  We’ve been involved with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, Venturing and American Heritage Girls.  I’ve learned a few things along the way too!

Homeschool hint: use badge requirements to tie in with school work, they are great for unit studies!  Scouts is actually a “class” for my kids.  They have a daily “scout” assignment each day with their school.  As they get older they set their goals for the year and break them down into manageable pieces that they work through with their school work.

Here are a few recent scout activities:

Here’s just part of the American Heritage Girl awards table!  The girls worked SO hard this year.  It was amazing to see the girls received their awards.  They were so proud of themselves for their accomplishments and were looking forward to earning more!  Some girls didn’t earn as many as others, but they are now ready to work harder to be up on stage receiving awards themselves next time!

Our Venture Crew hosts a Soggy Bottom Boat race each spring.  This was the third annual one this year.  Each scout entry builds a cardboard boat and races it!  There are many rules about what you can and cannot use.  These kids come up with the most creative boats and bravely paddle them around in the water.  Some do much better than others, lol!  Allie helped with out Sea Scout Ship’s entry.

Evie was determine to make herself an honorary Cub Scout this year.  She practiced the songs all week with her brother!  Here she is trying to be part of the Color Guard for our end of year Pack Meeting.  David did an awesome job as a Wolf this year.  He completed almost everything in his book!  Early in the year he completed his Wolf badge and went on to complete 82 electives!  That’s one gold arrow point and 7 silvers!!!  He earned lots of other things including in World Conservation Award!  We are proud of the scout he has become and are looking forward to witnessing his achievements in the future!!!!!



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