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Supercharged Science Review

Woot woot!  I got to review science stuff!  Science and hands on stuff is our very favorite!  I received  a six month subscription e-Science Learning program from Supercharged Science.  This online homeschool science curriculum does a great job of categorizing their videos into different subjects and ages.  We could easily browse through a grade level or watch videos pertaining to a certain subject.  Since my kids will watch science programs in their spare time with was a great match!

A real life rocket scientist, Aurora Lipper, has a passion for science!  She has done so much in the field (including NASA) and has so much to share.  Her main goal is to encourage a love of learning science.  This was a great resource because of a few factors:

  1. It’s organized.  I could find what I was looking for and continue to follow a theme, or work more with grade level activities.
  2. The videos are short, fun and too the point.  Her voice is pleasant to listen and she explained things very thoroughly without being condescending.
  3. There are text book explanations in there!  It’s like being in a classroom or lab setting from your own home.  The best part is the teacher isn’t boring!

We stayed mainly in the second grade area.  This grade is broken down into three categories: Chemistry, Life Science and Earth Science.  We spent most of our science time watching the videos.  If we didn’t have the materials readily available, we would make a note of what we need and come back to it.  (Most items needed are regular household items).  Meanwhile, we picked another video.  We watched MANY of them.  It was fun to be able to bounce from subject to subject.  All of them are explained very well.  We used this as supplement, but it could be used as your science curriculum.

Our favorite experiment was the Lava Lamp.  It taught us about water density and how substances react to one another.  David filled a water bottle half way up with water, then added some vegetable oil.  He learned that oil is more dense than the water and it floats.  He added some blue food coloring and watched it go right through the oil and saw it mix with the water.  No coloring stayed on the oil!  Then the action…. he added salt.  When the salt was added, it took some oil with it and pulled it to the bottom.  The oil manages to break free from the salt and pops back up to the layer of oil.  He was getting it, but still was a little confused.  I explained that he was the oil layer and I was the salt.  As I was “poured” on top of him, I grabbed him and pulled him down to a crouch.  Then I told him to wiggle free and pop back up.  He got that twinkle in his eye and did the experiment again.  He poured the salt in the bottle and watched VERY closely this time!  He saw what we just reenacted!  He got it!

We also enjoyed making our own clouds and a hover craft!  The experiments are easy to do, use common materials and the videos are done very well. Even if you didn’t know how you could explain it to your children before seeing it, you can after.

These are the types of experiences that we had when we did the experiments from the videos.  We even had great discussions watching Aurora present the material in the video.  We will continue to do more experiments and watch more videos!

Supercharged Science has lots of material for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The monthly subscription is $57.  I have been given a special deal to pass on to my readers!  Full one month access to the entire website for $1!!  Really $1!  Follow this link to sign up for this offer.



Supercharged Science can be found not only on their website, but also on these: Their own blog, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

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