2014's word- RETURN, homeschooling

My Renewed Vision of Homeschooling!

Have you ever had the pleasure of having your thought process come to a screeching halt? Just taking that moment to clear your head and truly listen to what God is trying to get through to you?! I have not had that happen in a very LONG time!!!  I’m always going, thinking, moving, needed…if not, I’m trying to sleep or falling asleep while trying to do something else, lol!  I was very honored that my homeschool co-op sent me the the Home Educators Association of Virginia’s Leadership Convention this past weekend.  It was in beautiful Williamsburg Virginia, at a beautiful hotel and conference center.  The speaker, Doug Bartsch, taught so many valuable lessons about leadership, as a parent, in the church and at my co-op.

We had dinner at the president of HEAV’s house.  Her house was so beautiful and inviting. The food was wonderful and plentiful! But the company was brilliant! What a treasure to be able to speak to so many people that are SO involved in homeschooling.  Since this was a leadership convention everyone here not only had a vested interest in their own families, but in the families of many others.  What totally blindsided me was my vision of my homeschooling!

Rick Boyer and my co-op buddy, Elizabeth

Here’s the nugget that I needed:  I didn’t realize until that moment how much the homeschooling movement has changed in my 17 years of homeschooling!  I think the vision of bringing the family together and raising educated disciples for Christ has been lost in the sea of curriculum choices, co-ops and extra curricular activities.  Not that any of these things are bad, but I had lost the vision in the confusion of doing what’s “right” and “better”.  I had forgotten what the homeschooling pioneers had fought for, why I started and the values I held so dear long ago.  What was once worth fighting for, in the right to educate your own children, is now taken so lightly that the vision is lost. I am ever so grateful to be reminded and will work hard not to be so wrapped up in the small details and miss the big picture.


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