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Motivated Moms Review

I am an organizer junkie!  Not only do I love to have everything written down and organized, I don’t remember anything if I don’t!  When I had the chance to review an organizer (I had already been looking at, by Motivated Moms) I was so excited!  I was given the opportunity to use and review one of Motivated Moms ebooks!!!  WooHoo!!! Then came the toughest question….which one!!!???  There’s 16 to choose from!  You are able to print out a sample page for each type.  I frantically printed each one! (Planners are serious business, not to be taken lightly!)  Once I calmed down and looked at it there were really only a few different ones, but they had some variations.  There’s black and white or color, half size or full size and page per day or week.  There’s ones with chores, Bible reading and appointment times. After I sorted out their basic differences, I assessed my needs.  I already have a daily planner sheet that works pretty well for me right now and I have a Bible study that I’m already busy with so I choose the black and white, full sheet, page per week with housework and daily chores.  That one is the Motivated Moms Chore Planner (Black and White).  It was super easy to download and I printed one month at a time and added to my planner.

Here’s mine in my notebook (below)

Each day I would check my planner and the Motivated Moms planner side by side and go on auto pilot (as much as I can) through my day.  I was intimidated at first.  There are many cleaning chores listed on this planner, but I used it as an encouraging guide instead of something that gave me guilt.  The chores rotated, so if I didn’t get to it this time, I knew I would see it again.  For example, toilet cleaning happened every Monday, bathroom mirrors on Wednesdays and planning menus was every other Sunday.  I was very impressed with the little things that were included like cutting my children’s nails, cutting/filing coupons, computer maintenance, papering myself (nice!), craft/hobby time, taking dead leaves off houseplant, refilling prescriptions and ordering your credit report.

I really loved how versatile this was and how much thought was put into adding everything to run a household.  On the one I chose there are daily chores down the left hand margin and then the rotating chores down the middle of the page.  Each new week I used it I was surprised to find a reminder for something that needed to be done that I had totally had forgotten about! Each ebook is $8.  I think this is a great price for such a well thought out product!  Many of us on the TOS Review crew got to review an ebook, but others reviewed the app.  Oh boy, that’s a whole other though decision I had to make, but paper won over technology this time!  This app is for ipad/iphone/ipod, it is $1.99 as a 2 month trial and $.99 month or $7.99 a year. And you can sync between your “i” devices, how cool?! To see what others had to say about the ebook and the app, click on the banner below.

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