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KinderBach Review

KinderBach is an awesome resource for early music lessons.  I got to try  The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner.   This program teaches music theory, fingering, note names and more.  We used this one last year with David, but Evie was too little.  She’s 3 now and really loved it!

This is recommended for ages 3-7.  The program includes games, puzzles, coloring and singing.  Evie sang along with each lesson, it was so cute!  I was very impressed at how engaging the program is for little ones!  My older kids have taken formal piano lessons and I know that a three year old couldn’t sit for a whole lesson.  This is nice because the lessons are short, only a few minutes each for 4 days a week.  I am very impressed with how the program teaches great music theory that Evie is actually learning!  It hasn’t been hard for her, just fun!  I really liked that I can offer these music lessons to my children at home.  Between having many children who are busy in many activities, and paying for all of these activities (or just the gas to get to them), we have to let some things fall by the wayside sometimes.  Having quality opportunities for things like lessons from KinderBach makes the decision making process a little easier.

We loved the versatility of this music program.  Many days we sat of the floor with a keyboard and my Kindle.  Other days we sat at the computer table.  There are downloadable PDF worksheets to go with the lessons.  We didn’t use them for each lesson since Evie is still little.  But she loved to follow along with the video as she colored her paper.  She really enjoys being big and doing her “music school”!  There is almost no prep time needed.  The first video for the week is an overview of what will be covered and what supplies you need.  They are very basic: keyboard, printed worksheets, crayons, glue, scissors, etc.

Karri Gregor, KinderBach’s creator, totally engages the little ones with her voice and her fun stories and characters. There are 6 levels containing 60 weeks of lessons.  Each weeks has 4 lessons, so that’s 240 short and fun lessons!! She uses fun characters, like Dodi the Donkey and  Frisco.  Dodi lives where there’s two black keys together on the keyboard, on the D key! Each of the notes has a name! Miss Karri teaches to  all learning styles with her fun interactive style.

My son David is now eight and it outgrowing this program.  If you have been following me for any length of time you will know that he has the attention span of a gnat.  I was hoping that with more music background under his belt now, he would like it.  But it’s really geared for younger children.  He did like to help his sister with the lesson and the worksheet, but did not want to continue with the lessons on his own.

The yearly membership fee was $130.00, it’s now reduced to $95.88.  That makes it $7.99 per month.  I think this is a great price!  You can’t find piano lessons for $7.99 a week, let alone $7.99 a month!!! Try the first few lessons for free to see what you think. KinderBach also offers a money back guarantee.  You can also purchase the program is also on DVD if you are interested in having a physical copy.

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