2014's word- RETURN, our little farm, scouts, Us!!!

RETURNed to the Arctic?

Well, to say that it’s been cold in Northeastern North Carolina would be an understatement, but wait a day and it will change!  I woke up today to 0 degrees, the high should get all the way to 37 today!  But…..Wednesday’s high will be 71!  Raining, but 71.  Maybe a trip to the beach will cure our winter blues!


This picture is from our most recent storm.  We got 8 inches and are still snowed in two days later!  Hope to leave the house tomorrow!

Two snow storms one week apart has really affected our daily lives.  My clean, neat, organized kitchen has become the landing place for all things covered in snow! (Think cold, wet puddles).  I was just getting things back in order from last Wednesday’s snow when I slipped going out to feed the chickens.  It was just enough to jar my back and I’ve been nursing my back (read whining and limping) ever since!


This is from the first snow —–^

The two incubators filled with chicken eggs hatched!  We started with 120 eggs, 78 showed growth and stayed in for hatching.  51 hatched, 30 went home with their original owners and the rest are here in my kitchen.  3 (hopefully Black Australorps) will be joining our 3 new Black Copper Marans as a part of our chicken family.  The others hopefully will be sold to their new families soon.  The snow hasn’t helped with people preparing their spring flock!



In between our Wednesday snows we had a busy Scouting weekend.  The Boy Scouts, Venturers and Sea Scouts had a Klondike Derby.  It was frigid outside, the wind was crazy cold, but the kids did great!  Our Ship ran our station all day, they were real troopers.  I was surprised at how many troops camped the whole weekend out there.  I was glad I didn’t!  My son George spent the day outside and I’m so proud of all he did.  He even impressed the new Skipper with all of his knowledge!!!


A few miles down the road, the Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby race.  David and I were very grateful for a warm building after dropping brother off in a field!  David did great!  He won first place in this Wolf Den and will race again in Districts on March 1.

pinewood derby


3 thoughts on “RETURNed to the Arctic?”

  1. We were excited about the last snow storm because it’s the first one that’s drifted down south enough for us to have snow. My kids had been praying for snow all winter, so we were so happy! LOL

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