2014's word- RETURN, Us!!!

RETURNed to my Zones

One of my 2014 goals was to return my house (and life) to order!  Have you ever heard of Flylady?  I love her, I’ve been following her since 2001.  She is so encouraging.  Her “program” is based on The Slob Sisters, I love them too!  Normal people with messy houses who experience a lot of life going on. They don’t always have picture perfects houses, these are my girls!!!  But they share so many down to earth tips.  I’m focusing on my Flylady zones.  Basically, my house is broken up in different areas each week of the month.  First all I do is get all the clutter OUT, then I can deep clean and fix up that area.  My zones are a little different than the Flylady’s, but they work for me.

  • Zone 1 (first 5 days of each month)- kitchen
  • Zone 2 (days 6-10)- living room and outside
  • Zone 3 (days 11-15)- Hallway and family room
  • Zone 4 (days 16-20)- Master bedroom/bath
  • Zone 5 (days 21-25)- Kid’s bedrooms/bath
  • Zone 6 (days 26-end)- laundry room, craft room and attic

I make a list of all the stuff I want to accomplish in each zone and as I get there on the calendar, I try to add them to my day.  So far I have decluttered all the surfaces of the kitchen!!!  A major accomplishment for me!  This is where everyone comes in and dumps their stuff!  I have neatened these piles for a while, but it was time for them to GO! Don’t open any cabinets yet!

I’m not finishing up my Zone 2.  The kids toys in the living room all fit in one bucket again!  I hope to organize the coat closet today and maybe steam clean the carpet and maybe couches if I get to it.  If not, then it will be on the list for next month.  I didn’t get much done outside because of the cold, but I did notice we need some flood lights to replace the burnt out ones and they are on the shopping list now.

It’s slow going, but it’s going!  I’ve even been to the gym once (which was my goal this week) and took a Zumba class.  Oh so I miss good old 80’s aerobics!!!

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