our little farm

Being a Momma chicken is hard work!

Here is my biggest hatching adventure yet!  Sixty eggs in each incubator.  This is quite the undertaking!  A friend asked me to hatch some eggs for her.  I have to admit I’m just a little nervous!  Being a momma chicken is not easy work!  I have to keep the eggs at just the right temperature and just the right humidity.  I also need to turn them many times a day.  Even the most experienced surrogate chicken mommas don’t hatch every egg!

All was going pretty well, until this morning.  I was listening to the wind howling outside, while learning about all the power outages in the area.  I was SO glad that we never lost power.  Then it happened, the lights flickered and flickered and flickered….and….out!  For two hours!  I was so glad that the sun was streaming in our living room windows keeping us warm on this cold winter day.  But the eggs were losing temperature quickly, even under 3 layers of blankets.  After some debate on what to do, we decided to do what any sane person would do and pull the car up in the back yard and run an extension cord through the kitchen window to the inverter in the car and get those eggs warm again!  As they were coming close to 99.5 degrees again the power came back on!  Yay!!  Let’s see if there is any lasting damage.  I’ll be able to candle them in a few days and see what I can see.  It’s hard being a momma!


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