2014's word- RETURN, Us!!!

My word for 2014: Return

As I pondered what word should describe the new year for me, I kept coming back to RETURN.  I am searching for a Bible verse to go with my word.  This has been a little overwhelming because there are 424 uses of the word RETURN in the NIV version.  Even though I have not settled on my verse, I am encouraged that God gives us so many opportunities to RETURN to Him.  And RETURN to what we know is right and true.

For some of my goals I’m working toward getting back to a time where I think I had it more together, some of them I am trying to return to a generic time when life in general was different.

Here are a few of them:

Return to an organized life and house after having two children #6 & #7 nineteen months apart.  Planning and getting things done on time.

Return to a healthy weight and physical condition.  I have lost 15 pounds since October 15, 2013 and have some more to lose.  I plan on adding some type of exercise.

Return to a more predictable school schedule, planning 2 weeks at a time.

Return to more of a homestead mentality.  To prepare our family to be more self sufficient.  Each year we have added more to our little farm.  First it was chickens, then a pig, bees and more chickens.  I’m hoping for a bigger garden this year and be able to can and freeze produce.

I’m sure I have written down many more goals for 2014, but these are the ones I’m focusing on first.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  I would love to hear what your “word” is or your goals!


9 thoughts on “My word for 2014: Return”

  1. I saw your link on FB and your word intrigued me. I enjoyed reading your post. You mentioned you had lost 15 lbs since October. Did you do this through Trim Healthy Mama? I ask because that’s how I’ve lost my weight.

    1. They use stevia which is natural (doesn’t take like it though). You can definitely follow the thought process with the book and just cut way down on sugar and honey etc. Wait three hours between meals and don’t eat fat or carbs during the same meal. We occasionally have a sugary treat, but treat it as a snack and eat it three hours after our last meal and wait three hours to eat again :). We don’t follow it perfect, but every little bit is helping.

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