Middle Ages Cake Castle

Allie is taking a co-op class called Project Passport through the Middle Ages.  She has a great teacher, Jacquelin, who blogs at A Stable Beginning.  I was so excited to meet her this year!  It’s awesome to know another TOS Crew member face to face!

The project assigned was to research a castle in a certain time period and reconstruct it.  It needed to have certain things like a working draw bridge and a moat.  Allie decided to make hers out of cake!  She may not have had all the requirements in there, but wow did she learn a lot!

She researched and researched MANY castles, keeping in mind she was going to reconstruct it in cake.  Allie picked Castillo de Los Mendoza in Spain.  She gathered all the supplies and baked and baked and baked!  The challenge became apparent when the stacked cake wouldn’t stay like real bricks.  She adjusted and made her version of her castle.  She even had a moat, complete with fish!  Not only did she learn a lot about the time period and the castle, she learned a lot about cake construction.  It was a true homeschool project, encompassing so much learning.  She was able to read about it, talk about it, write about it, construct it and even eat it!


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