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IXL Math: Review

We had the opportunity to review an online curriculum from IXL Learning.  This curriculum focuses on state standards and the Common Core by offering an Online Math Membership and Online Language Arts Membership.  This company has long been known for it’s math drills. Their website says: “IXL motivates students through interactive games and exercises while keeping teachers and parents informed and involved. With more than 2,500 skills spanning pre-school through high school, IXL offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment suitable for any learning style. Students who use IXL are succeeding like never before.”

We received a one year subscription to both the math and the language arts programs.  I chose to have David  focus on the math section for this review.  This was a great program for repetition and drill.  After you set up your account your student chooses the level they would like to work at.  I was concerned at first that there was so much reading needed to work on math.  I soon found a small speaker button that reads it aloud.

David was able to navigate to the different levels that he wanted to try.  He did great having the program read it to him.  There was a lot of repetition per level.  This was definitely not a fast paced, loud, distracting game.  It was very much like a workbook or flash cards.  There were incentives to achieve awards and I was emailed David’s progress reports each week.

Unfortunately, this did not hold David’s attention for long.  It took a long time to get the awards and there was so much repetition that it became very boring to him.  My husband did work with him for some of it and that helped keep his focus a little long.  He introduced David to a number line, which he drew out on paper.  David did enjoy using his new skill to solve the problems.

Membership benefits (from their website):

  • Comprehensive coverage of K–12 math curriculum. Your kids won’t miss a thing!
  • Interactive language arts exercises for grades 2–4.
  • Unlimited questions in over 2,000 skills.
  • Fun and colorful practice formats.
  • Questions that adapt to your child’s ability, increasing in difficulty as they improve.
  • Immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to solidify understanding of each concept.
  • Audio for all pre-K to first-grade math skills.
  • Weekly e-mail updates on your child’s progress.
  • Informative, detailed reports pointing out successes and trouble spots.
  • Awards and certificates for you and your children to print out as they reach important milestones.
  • iPad app for mobile math practice.

All of the math levels are available for $9.99 a month for one student, with additional costs if you add Language Arts or additional students.  IXL offers math from Pre-K to 12 including Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II, Pre- Calculus is coming soon.

Many other Crew members also received IXL math and language to review.  She what they had to say about it by clicking on the box below.


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