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VideoText Interactive Algebra Review

We have been looking for a math program that my oldest son actually enjoys.  This has been more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be.  He’s good at math, but didn’t like any of the curriculum we have used in the past with my older children.  When we were given the chance to review VideoText Interactive for Algebra, I was hoping that this would finally be the one.  Ding, ding, ding!  We have our winner!!!  He likes it!

We received Algebra: A Complete Course, modules A-F.  This is an online math curriculum that covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II.  It is recommended to start this in 8th or 9th grade (7th if your student is advanced) and you can use this through high school.  My son is a senior this year and he loves this program.  He has been able to quickly review and move on to new material.  It’s straight-forward and it explains the “whys” of how math works.  He is learning new things about processes he has done for years and it’s making much more sense to him now.  VideoText offers 3 different schedules for completing this curriculum: one, two or three year options.  We are doing the 1 year schedule so George can have all three of these maths done before he graduates.  This is  great as it seamlessly goes from one level to the next.  By having Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II together, your student doesn’t need to spend half of the next level reviewing the previous one!  This is an analytical mastery approach curriculum.  Each concept is taught in a logical progression and each builds on the next.  I much prefer this method to the spiral method.  VideoText Interactive also offers Geometry, (which includes Geometry, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus) in the same manor.

Students start with a 5-10 minute video which serves as their text.  After watching the video, George prints the course notes and lesson practice and completes his work.  He then checks the solution manual when he’s done to see if there is anything he needs to review.  He comes to us if he has any questions.  This has been nice because there is no prep work for his lessons.  If we have a question we can look at the solution manual or call VideoText for help.

Here is some information from their website:


There are 176 video lessons contained in 10 unit directories. The program covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II, and is a firm foundation for students advancing to VideoText’s Geometry: A Complete Course, covering Geometry and Trigonometry.

Materials in the complete course include:
176 Video Lessons – Each of the 5-10 minute lessons explore Algebra concepts in a detailed logical order. Because no shortcuts or tricks are used, the methods are easy to follow and promote clear understanding.

360 pages of Course Notes – These notes allow students to review the logical development of a concept. Each page chronologically follows the video lesson, repeating exactly what was shown on the screen.

590 pages of Student WorkText – These pages review the concept developed in each lesson. More examples are given and exercises are provided for students. The explanations are virtually free of complicated language, making it easy for students to follow the logic of each concept.

Solutions Manuals – These manuals provide detailed, step-by-step solutions for every problem in the student WorkText. This resource is a powerful tool when used by students to complete an error-analysis of their work, and to check their thought processes.

Progress Tests – These tests, with the answer keys included, are designed to have students demonstrate understanding, lesson-by-lesson, and unit-by-unit.  There are two versions of each test, allowing for retesting or review, to make sure students have mastered concepts.

Online Algebra is available for $299. This price includes licensing for two students, and additional students may be added for $49. A student license lasts three years from the date activated.  More packages including DVD and physical books are also available.  See the website for details on all pricing packages.


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