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The Presidential Game Review

I always LOVE reviewing games!  This one was so much fun!  We received The Presidential Game to play and see what we thought.  This game is for children 11 and up to adults.  I played this with Allie, my 14 year old ninth grader.  At first we were both a little leery, running for President is complicated.  We decided to give it a try and see how it went.  She decided to be the Republican candidate, that left me to be the Democrat, I was a little bitter and it was my intention to take it out on her during the game.  Needless to say, she did very well and may have a future in politics!


The game is fairly simple once you get started.  During your turn, you can either fundraiser in one of four predetermined states or you can campaign in any three states of your choice.  Allie learned very quickly she was great at fundraising and completely overtook Texas and California.  We battled back and forth over Florida and New York.  She also learned that Texas and California had the most electoral votes and if she maintained control of those she was well on her way to a campaign win!  If you chose to fundraise you also got to pick a card which usually got you more votes.  Campaigning did have it’s benefits too, so I took to campaigning to try to get as many states as I could to compete with her large amount of electoral votes.  I did pretty well with this strategy, but she ultimately beat me (every time!!!)

This is a picture of one of our games that she was the Democrat (blue).  You can see how many blue chips there are!  Each one represents a vote, whoever has more chips on that state gains it’s electoral votes. See the HUGE stacks on Texas and California?  She was NOT losing those!

The first game we played we scored manually with the score pad included in the game.  The next game we used the access code that comes with the game to use the interactive scoring feature on their website.  This was great!  No only did we get the score, but we got a visual.   Here is a shot of the screen early in the game. —–^

Here is a shot of the end of our game.  Did I tell you she has a future in politics?  We had a great time playing and she asks almost everyday to play.  There is lots of strategy involved as you continually try to refine your campaigning and fundraising technique! Allie not only learned so much about how the election works, but her geography skills are greatly improved.

Allie played The Presidential Game with a guest and she loved it too!  This friend had already taken Civics in public school and thought the game was great.  She loved the strategy involved as she tried to undermine Allie’s fundraising strongholds in key states.  This game clearly shows how the popular vote in each state wins the electoral votes which add up to determine the President and all the time, effort and money that leads up to it.

The Presidential Game is available for $35 plus shipping.


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