David Day!

David needed one more elective to have done each of the 50 available in Tiger Scouts.  It was ride public transportation. They closest thing out here would be a passing farmers tractor.  He had a dentist appointment in the city so we picked the ferry!  If you are near water, do the fun stuff!  He was also shown some other sights and sounds of the “big” city!

He learned about lighthouses and how they are/were lit and we saw a “lightship”.

We rode the ferry across the Elizabeth River.

We used a catwalk to walk over the street.  He loved it when the buses and trucks went under us!

We had lunch at a three story mall.  We rode escalators up there and a glass elevator down.  David got his first Burger King crown!  He liked his trip to the city, but it was a lot of walking.  He asked if we could drive next time, lol!


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