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Understanding Child Brain Development Review (Family Hope Center)

I got the chance to review something a little bit different this time.  I received a DVD from The Family Hope Center called Understanding Child Brain Development.  I wasn’t sure what impact this would have on my family.  I technically don’t have any children with an major brain issues.  I was thinking that I would learn a little about how a child’s brain develops.  Well, let me tell you……I learned a lot!  I learned how each part of the brain works and what it controls.  I even learned how I can help my children with reading and the ability to focus and remain on task.

This DVD is an educational session on brain development lasting approximately 2 hours.  Matthew and Carol Newell, Director and Vice Director of the Family Hope Center, have so much information to share.  Matthew Newell was the main speaker on this disc.  He covers so much material, but in an intriguing, interactive and entertaining way.  This was not an infomercial for the Family Hope Center, but his sincere desire to educate families to help their children.  The Center itself does do so much to help families and their children, but the information on the DVD will give you enough knowledge to do some simple therapies at home and seek more information.

The main point of this session was to show you that the brain is responsible for all of the body’s functions and reactions.  In American medicine, we treat the symptom without ever (or seldom) seeking where the original problem may lie.  We were able to immediately put some correlations to our children.  Our oldest child was colicky for 2 years!  She cried all the time, but nothing was medically wrong.  We learned that there is this small part under the brain that can get slightly injured during birth that could cause a child to be colicky or have reflux.  A simple adjustment to realign this part could have saved her from crying for so long.  That same part of the brain controls reflux.  How many children suffer from this?  We check the stomach then automatically treat the symptoms.  Learning to go back to the part of the brain that controls that function and addressing that could be all it would take.  Since the brain controls all of this, why don’t we check this first?!

Our second born child has always had reading difficulties.  I would have never tied this back to when she was 8 1/2 months old.  But her brain does!  She walked, I mean ran, when she was 8 1/2 months old.  She crawled at 6 months, immediately pulled herself up and started cruising on the furniture.  She really didn’t crawl.  The same part of the brain that makes a baby crawl, makes a child read.  Her’s was never fully developed!  If I would have known this then, I would have played “crawling” to work that part of her brain! This same part of the brain has to do with vision too.

Now we are dealing with attention problems with our 7 year old.  He’s a busy boy who has trouble focusing long enough to get anything done.  One of the simplest things that the DVD said was the most profound to me, it was “parents you are not the problem, the problem is the problem”.  Sometimes it takes the little things to make the biggest impact on me.  I have not done anything wrong, it’s not the wrong teaching method, not the wrong curriculum, etc, what I need to do is work on the actual problem and not blame myself.  The same parts of the brain that control attention span go back to crawling and creeping.  Carol Newell explains that she used this therapy with her own children and the amazing results it brought.  We have been creeping and crawling all over the living room.  We’ve made fun activities and spent lots of time going around and around the couch. Those have been our better days!  He can focus, we can keep his attention and he has all around better days when we crawl around in the morning.  We have also had some nice one on one time together too! If something this simple can help his brain I’m all for it!

Another neat thing they show you is how they compare developmental age with chronologically age, specific activities like crawling, creeping and aromatherapy can bring these two “ages” together.  Specific treatment plans can be determined at the Center.  Their goal is to teach the parent how to help their children.  We may never be able to visit the Family Hope Center, but we can use what they have taught us about the brain and what function correlates to each section. We have been made aware of so much!  We now think a little differently about treating symptoms vs looking at “why” this is happening.  We also have been made aware of how much water we all drink.  Water is a great conductor of electricity.  Our brain transmits electrical current, without being properly hydrated our brain can not work! Also there are so many frequencies going through us all the time, remotes, cell phones, microwaves.  Some people are not affected by this, but some people’s brains do not do well in these conditions.  Even the amount of heavy metals our bodies retain can affect how the electricity in our brains responds.  Fascinating!

To order the DVD ($19 plus shipping), please call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW.


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  1. It’s officially a fact: a child surrounded by books and toys with educational purpose will have a positive impact on the child’s brain later into their teens.

    Recently, scientists succeeded in proving that the more mental stimulation a child gets around the age of four, the more their brain centers dedicated to language and cognition will flourish.

    I learned only one thing, that the the fourth year of age crucial to the child’s brain development. I found an interesting article while searching the internet. If you mind read it, here is the link:


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