our little farm

Honey Bee update

Just when I have these little guys figured out, they show me that I have no clue!  I had a friend come over at the end of June and went through my hive with me.  He showed me what to look for and what each thing means.  My bees were doing great!  I had so many!  I began watching for new queen cells so I could split my hive and make 2!  Well…. no queen cells, but I found a swarm July 4th while I was out picking blackberries for jam. The swarm was way up in a tree and not far from my hives, so I’m thinking they were my bees splitting on their own.  I called different bee friends and they came and captured the swarm and moved them into my new hive.

They looked great, adjusting to their new house.  How convenient that I have this all set up for them!  Ha, ha, ha!  Little did I know that they had another home picked out already.  When I checked on them a few hours later they were gone, not a trace.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.

A few weeks later I checked on them and there was a lot of commotion around the hives and activity in the new hive!  Yay!  I thought, “yay!  they split again and moved right in without having to get them”.  Once again, they showed me I am not in control of them!  Another check on them proved that they had not moved in, but maybe it was that first split coming back to rob the plentiful store of honey.

I am still learning and maybe some day I will be able to predict what they will do a little bit better.  I hope to get a second hive going soon, but it’s ok if it’s not until next spring!

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