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Picaboo Yearbook Review

This was a cool review for Allie and I!  We had the oppertunity to make a 20 Page Softcover Yearbook from Picaboo Yearbooks.  Allie was a big part in making this year’s co-op yearbook so we were excited make a family yearbook.  Actually we are going to use it as a gift!  We were considering making one of those photo books, but we totally topped that with this yearbook!  We have a full color 8.5×11 yearbook with high quality pages!  This is one of those gifts were you just know you nailed it!!

The process of making it was easy and fun.  After setting up your account, you get to see a good tutorial video.  We uploaded our pictures and started setting up our pages.  We have LOTS of people in our immediate family so Allie made a page for each person.  Mom and Dad got one together, each of the 7 kids got one and the grandbabies got one.  There are so many options to personalize each page with a background.  There are themed pictures and plain colors.  You can even upload your own.  We didn’t do it because we found everything we were looking for was already there.  Each of our pages got a title, and that was easy too.  There are so many fonts to choose from and you can change each one’s size and color.  Allie was able to make each person’s page unique to them just with the backgrounds and fonts!  The pictures were added to the pages either by using the templates available or placing them on the page yourself.  Allie enjoyed using the templates because it was so easy.  She would have liked to have seen more templates (especially for lots of pictures) for the ease of placement and the simplicity of it.

It was fun to see the pictures go on the pages.  The program gave us warnings if our pictures had low resolution.  We were able to chose a different picture for that spot.  I’m glad it let us know while making it so we would not be disappointed seeing a blurry picture in the finished product.

We made a few holiday pages, some random pages and we used one family picture to span 2 pages.  The program showed exactly where the margins were going to be and how much would be in the crease of the book.  This made me nervous, but it looked good online so we kept it in there.  It cam out great!  The preview was right on.  I’m glad we kept it in!

This actually lays flatter than the picture shows.  Since it’s a gift I didn’t want to crease it.

Twenty pages was a great number for our family.  I think it would be a great yearly project to make a Hackett Family Yearbook highlighting our activities and adventures.  The kids have voted to each have one and have their parents sign it with a personal letter to them.  This would give each kid a nice keepsake of their and their siblings’ year!!

We are so pleased with the finished product!  We have had other small yearbooks in the past that had spiral binding and the pages are falling out.  This is a great quality binding that shows no wear after being looked through by all of us multiple times since we received it.

Picaboo Yearbooks also has hardcover yearbooks and eYearbooks.  We received a 20 softcover one.  This one is $8.49.   Additional pages are available for .22-.99 each.  There is no minimum order and the turnaround time is only 3 weeks ( I received mine quicker than that). Shipping for one book is $8.99.

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