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Book Review: 25 Truths

I had the pleasure of reviewing the book Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us: 25 Truths  from Ed Douglas Publications.  I received a 150 page softcover book ($12.50 + $3 shipping & tax).  This was a nice, encouraging, easy to read book!  A great book for summer.  It is recommended for grades 6-12. I think the book is on target for these grades.  This is a good book to include in schoolwork as character training or to use during family devotions.

This book is written by Ed Douglas, a retired financial planner.  The concept started simply enough.  He started with a few written truths, that list grew to 25.  He began to share these with others including the tennis team that he coached. Others started to noticed how powerful this, now 3 page list, really was.  They encouraged Mr. Douglas to write this book.

Here is a brief description from his website:

Today, in a time of declining morals and values, the book is a motivational and inspirational guide built around Christian principles about what is really important in life. The book covers character and values, caring and compassionately dealing with others, making a difference in the world, and much more. In today’s fast-paced word, there doesn’t seem to be time to discuss these important concepts with children and others, so each truth is concise and easy to read, followed by discussion questions.”

I shared this book with my family.  I didn’t do it in a formal setting as we have had quite a busy summer with kids going in all directions, so I caught them one at a time as I could.  The first truth in the book is Protect your Reputation.  I thought that was simple enough and immediately thought this book was not going to be very interesting.  But, as I continued through this first chapter, the author shared a personal story that really made me think about this simple concept a little bit different.  He said that if you protect your reputation, when your reputation is questioned you have nothing to worry about.  Your past will uphold your reputation without you having to defend yourself.  I was able to immediately apply this truth to our daily lives as I have been able to easily add other truths too.

Other truths:

#3 Watch what you do, say and write

#6 Don’t talk negatively about others

#8 Be quick to apologize

#25 Spend time with your family

Each one of these concepts are simple, but the personal application the author adds to them helped me to personalize them and remember to apply them to my daily life.  The discussion questions after each truth were helpful for starting conversations about them.

Another favorite of mine was #15, Never Surrender.  Again a very simple concept.  The author gives many examples of this including the man who would invented the machine to slice bread.  His name was Otto Rohwedder.  He had many BIG obstacles in his way after he decided that sliced bread would be a convenience we would all like.  In the early 1900’s he set out to make this idea a reality.  When he was close to having a perfected model he lost all of his blueprints and models to fire.  Around the same time, Mr. Rohwedder’s doctor told him that he was sick and would die within the year.  Even this didn’t stop him.  He persevered, and completed the bread slicer ten years later!  If hard work, fire and a false diagnosis had stopped him we would not have enjoyed sliced bread all of these years!  You never know what will come out of your hard work, so don’t quit!

Others on The Schoolhouse Review Crew received this book, either in paperback or ebook format.  Hear what they have to say about it by clicking on the banner below.


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