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Science for High School: Chemistry Review

We had the opportunity to review a product from Science for High School.  My son (17) used High School Chemistry in your Home.  This was written by a homeschooling mom of five.  This mom just happens to have a degree in microbiology!  She has taught in a private school setting and also tutored.  Bridget Ardoin created a curriculum to challenge the student and still be parent/teacher friendly.  Nothing is more challenging to a parent than thinking you can’t teach high school classes.  Mrs. Ardoin had that exact thing in mind when she created this Chemistry curriculum.

She has also written physical science and biology curriculum.  Click the banner at the bottom to see what other TOS families had to say about them.

We received the Chemistry set ($79.99 for the whole set):

  • spiral bound parent manual,
  • 3 hole punched/tabbed student manual,
  • labs,
  • quizzes,
  • exams
  • answer key

Here is a link to view the Chemistry syllabus and sample pages.

This is a little different than the way we have done any high school science before.  This is research based.  I spent some time looking at this and was pleasantly surprised to see this was not your typical read and answer the questions textbook.  The student has to find the information themselves, brilliant!!  In our experience we have always learned more by researching than skimming a paragraph looking for the answers in bold text.

This worked great for our workboxes.  Each week is scheduled the same: The first few days are used to research the questions in the chapter, then you discuss them, do a lab experiment, then a quiz.  My son did the research online, but a textbook or library book is also recommended.  I was able to pop all that into an easy schedule and send him off for part of the week!  I had previously purchased Chem Lab equipment, so we were good there, but the author offers a great set, including the chemicals needed on the Science for High School  website.

All of the answers are in the teacher’s manual so you can make sure your student is on the right track without prep time.  You do need to gather some materials for the labs, but the list is already together for you in the manual.  What a pleasure to be able to have all the info you need in one place!

I think this is a great program for 11th or 12th grade, not only for the science content, but the higher math that goes with it.  I thought it was helpful that the student is learning Chemistry and also learning to research and stay personally motivated to complete the given work during a time period.

Parent Manual, Student Manual (which comes shrink-wrapped and 3-hole punched), with directions for labs, quizzes and exams, and the answer key – See more at:
Parent Manual, Student Manual (which comes shrink-wrapped and 3-hole punched), with directions for labs, quizzes and exams, and the answer key – See more at: Chemistry.

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