June= 7 busy kids!

We have had a very busy month!  I enjoy the summer for so many reasons. The most important one for me is- it’s not cold!!!  I do like the break in our “school year” routine, but things can get very busy!

Each of the kids has something going on.  Multiply that by 7 and it makes for a busy month!  Here are a few highlights:

Katie is spending the summer in Japan!  This is her internship/mission trip.  She is LOVING being there!  She has always been a picky eater.  She has eaten lots of yummy food that she loves since she’s been there!

We found of that our second grandchild is a GIRL!!!  Yay!  Micah will have a little sister!

George went on the Sea Scout 10 day long cruise.  They went all over the DelMarVa (Delaware, Maryland and Virginia coast).  They got to sail out in the Atlantic Ocean. The went through the C & D Canal and stopped in Ocean City and Baltimore.  The kids did a great job, learned a lot and saw a lot!

Our kids have been going to the same church camp for as long as they have been school age.  Allie (in the beard hat) made it to that momentous summer that she can be a Junior Councilor!!! She spent her first weeks being a JC for David’s camp!!!  What a great sister!  She got to play guitar each night at the camp fire.  She’s been playing for 2 years now and enjoys playing for praise and worship time!

David (in the blue tshirt) is finally a camper!  After watching all of his older siblings go to camp, he finally went.  He is so happy to finally be doing big kid things.  He just finished his first year as a Cub Scout!  Yay David!

Our days have been so busy, and most of them outside in the heat, that Evie has been worn out!  It’s been hard keeping up with the big kids!  Evie is 2 1/2 now and is speaking in full paragraphs, lol!  We were worried about her talking, but she’s doing great and even talks in her sleep.  She even says please and thank you in her sleep!!

Thomas is almost a year old now.  He has 4 teeth and is working on more.  He has finally moved from army crawling to crawling and is getting pretty fast!  He’s not so sure about walking yet, but hopefully soon!  He’s a sweet baby and always smiling!

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