our little farm

The ups and downs of our little farm

In a perfect world, all would go as planned and nothing sad would ever happen.  Even thought I know this, I am surprised at how saddened I can be when an animal dies or is not born perfect.  Here are a few of our recent ups and downs:

  • 10 puppies born- 1 died
  • kept 4 female chicks to raise to lay eggs- 1 disappeared and 1 died
  • got another rooster to help make more babies- 2 other roosters fought (both fine so far)
  • checked bees, added another box, thought I had some of this figured out- was asked if I was ready for cotton honey, cotton what?  I don’t know!!
  • sold 10 guinea keets to pay for more bee boxes- the next batch of chicken/guinea/turkey eggs hatching is not turning out to be as easy
  • we have added 2 new female dogs to our family- no bad thing yet….
  • the pig is getting big, she should be ready to slaughter at the end of the summer- she keeps getting out of her pen
  • I finally got 9 plants in the garden- I haven’t been back out and there’s some weed action going on out there

I am learning a lot and I’m glad that we’re doing this.  It is a lot of hard work and a challenge to find that perfect balance between housework, farm work, homeschooling and all that life entails with a big family.  I can say that all of us are learning so much “real life”.  I am grateful for the summer break from all of our busyness.  I am able to take a few minutes and enjoy some of the everyday things!

Thanks for follow our journey on my blog!  I would love to know what you think.  Please leave me comments!


1 thought on “The ups and downs of our little farm”

  1. The ups are so fun, but the downs of farm life can be hard! The lessons about life and death are so clear. I think it’s a good experience for all – but that doesn’t make it less hard. 😦

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