She’s going to Japan!

She did it!  Well, really God did it!

Katie has been working on raising money for her mission trip/internship since January.  She got about half way funded and pretty much thought that that was the end of her going this summer.  It was ok, she would re-arrange her classes a little and graduate a semester late.  Not too bad.  I was disappointed for her, but understood that this must be God’s will for this summer.  Maybe that wasn’t quite that easy for me, but I did finally get there.

Katie was scheduled to speak at a small church on a Sunday morning.  They were going to take up a love offering and add some money from their missions fund, but she still needed over $2000.  She spoke, they collected a few hundred dollars and said they’d add to it and sent it in for her.  That was Sunday.  Monday, evening about 5pm, Katie texts me that they are sending in $2000, what?! really?!  Now I am bawling as I finish feeding the chickens!!!

Did I doubt God?  Maybe.  But I did finally give it all to Him, without taking it back again. He was, and is, and forever will be in control.  Maybe I could learn this lesson and stop trying to do it all my way.  Evie (2) says “I do, me!” That’s totally me!  I need to stop and remember who is actually in charge and it’s not me!!!

Thank you God for blessing Katie with this mission trip.  May she be effective and helpful while she is there!

Now we are just ironing out the details!  I am hoping to hear that they are coming together smoothly!

Am I just a little nervous about sending my (21 year old) baby to Japan this summer?  Um, yeah, but I’m not in control 🙂  I have a very recent and solid reminder of who is!!!


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