Knowledge Quest Review

I received Sacagawea as an ebook from Knowledge Quest.  Knowledge Quest is another one of my favorite companies. They offer things that I love!  Maps and History (and more)!  Fun! Sacagawea is written by Karla Akins.  This is one of her “Brave Explorers Everyone Should Know” books.  Ms. Akins has a great writing style!  We wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next!  The book is very easy to understand, even for my first grader.  There were a few things that he didn’t understand or I choose to skim over, but overall it was great for our family.  We will definitely keep this and read it again when we revisit American History.  The ebook contains hyper links throughout it making it easy to learn more about many things in the story.  It links to pictures of Sacagawea and her son, Native American items such as moccasins, animals, places and many, many more! This feature was VERY beneficial in learning so much more of the story.

Sacagawea was originally written and released as 4 episodes.  I am so glad the complete story is now available in this ebook.  I would not be very patient waiting for more of the story.  It begins with Stolen!, and followed by Passage, Survival and Equal.  The book is written from Sacagawea’s perspective.  It is very enlightening to learn about her through her own eyes.

I knew that this young Native American traveled with Lewis and Clark, but I learn so much more!  I’ll give you just a few highlights as I don’t want to spoil it for you.  She and her sister were kidnapped at a young age, after being slaves, they were both sold to one man to be his wives.  Both sisters bore him a son.  Sacagawea went on this incredible journey with Lewis and Clark, not only as a guide, but to find her way back to where she came from.  My favorite thing about this book is you got to see what Sacagawea might have thought.  How she was terrified when she was kidnapped, the bond she had with her sister, the incredible love she had for her son and the pain she knew her parents must have felt when they lost their daughters. The Lewis and Clark Expedition is described with so much detail and feeling, it’s hard to stop reading until you get to the end.  This book was not only a history book, but one that left me with a lot to think about.  Because of the way it was written I could really relate to Sacagawea and her trials and triumphs.

Sacagawea is available as an ebook for $4.97 at Amazon.com. Here is a sample chapter.

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