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Have you ever really thought about wings?

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4

I’ve never really sat and contemplated wings before! How strong, protective and purposeful they are! Take a swan’s wings for example, they are absolutely beautiful!!! They can be gentle when guiding their young, but unbelievably powerful if needed. I pray that my daughter, Katie will be protected by God’s wings and can soar on wings like eagles as she moves into this part of her life- preparing for and doing missions work. As a momma I want to keep her under my wings, but I give her to God and his unbelievably powerful wings!

I pray this for all my children and I am so amazed at each of their interests and talents! It is bittersweet as my older children fly from the nest one at a time.  I miss them when they are not here, but I am so proud of the adults they have become!  They are ready to fly, to soar and to start building nests of their own.  Each nest is as uniquely different as they are and it’s an awesome process to watch and be a part of.  I am so glad that God chose me to be their Momma and my wings to guide and protect them!

I have a chick in the process of hatching! Yay! and a few more scheduled for tomorrow! These are Katie’s fundraising chicks! They will be sold straight run after they hatch $3-$4 each. Please consider supporting her mission trip/internship to Japan.


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