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Our Easter Traditions

It seems like just yesterday we were looking at our first born wondering what our family traditions would look like.  George and I wanted to start awesome traditions to carry on.  I think we did pretty good!  Most of our traditions do revolve around food, but I think that’s ok 🙂

Coloring Easter eggs!

Thomas is still to young to color eggs, but happily rolled around the living room.

Here are our Easter traditions:

  1. color Easter egg
  2. some years we make cookies that tell the story of Jesus’ death and Resurrection
  3.  we try to go to see Living Pictures in Virginia Beach
  4. The Easter Bunny hides our colored hard boiled eggs for the little ones to find Easter morning
  5. We eat way too much candy before we go to church
  6. Eat more candy
  7. Yummy dinner
  • ham
  • scalloped potatoes
  • deviled eggs
  • crescent rolls
  • corn

Katie helping Evie find the eggs.

David looking for eggs.

Yummy candy!!!

This year we had an Easter Eggs Hunt at church…


Katie and Evie


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