Expanding our little farm

We have started to add to our little farm.  We have had chickens for about a year and a half.  I was very nervous to get them, but wanted fresh eggs.   I absolutely love my chickens!  I love to watch them, see them free ranging in the yard and I love to collect eggs everyday!

I am adding some more chickens.  I finally got a rooster.  I really thought he would be mean and attack us, I thought he would be annoyingly loud and just a general pain.  He’s in the chicken tractor with 2 hens and is a great bird!  He’s so quiet compared to our guinea fowl “Kevin”.  We don’t know if Kevin is a boy or girl, so he is named after the bird in “Up”.  He sits on the back porch and screams!  So much so that the rooster is quiet, I never even hear him over Kevin.  Kevin does have his good qualities, he is a great watch dog and when it gets warm he will eat ticks!

Back to the chickens- we have 7 hens in the chicken coop now and get between 3-7 eggs a day.  I have Americuanas in a chicken tractor (2 hens and a rooster).  We are incubating some of their eggs.  The first collection was 5 eggs.  I know one of them was not fertilized, the other 4 seems to be doing good.  We started 6 more this past Monday.  We hope to use another chicken tractor for a breeding group of meat birds and the last tractor for young chicks.

We will be adding a piglet very soon.  Her name is Ms Bacon Pork Ham.  The last thing we know we are adding are the bees.  It’s funny because this was the only thing we were planning on starting this year.  I’m not sure what else will be coming to live here this summer!  It’s going to be a challenge with small children, but we will learn a lot!

Along with our “farm” creatures we still have our dogs.  We’ve been breading labs and labradoodles for more than 8 years!   I can’t believe it’s been that long.  We have a litter of F1 Labradoodles now of- 2 yellow females and 2 black males.  The 2 black males are available and can go home in two weeks.  My Facebook page and website have more information.


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