Toddler climbing out of crib = MIA Mom

I’m exhausted!  Evie had a very eventful day almost 2 weeks ago.  I will never forget this Wednesday morning…she climbed out of her crib, Micah’s crib, over and through all the gates!!!  AAHHHHH!  The day Moms dread!  The day all freedom and naps stop 😦  We need the gates up for the other little ones so we are constantly chasing and closing gates.  She’s stubborn, but there’s hope on the horizon that she will obey and stay put (at least for the most part).

So far she hasn’t figured out the stroller buckle 🙂

Whew!  Having 3 little ones here, plus the older children has had challenges that we haven’t faced before.  We are muddling through trying to find out new “normal”.  I sure am missing nap time!  We have mixed things up a little and started going to the YMCA during the day and having the littles catch a nap on the almost 30 minute ride there and back.  It’s been rough on the gas budget though!


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