Silly me!

For some reason I thought that my life was going to slow down after the holidays.  NOPE!  We have had our regular activities x 3 school age children and 3- two and under plus all the sick yuckies that are going around.  Whew, I’m thinking spring allergies are starting to seem pretty easy compared to what we’ve had since Thanksgiving.  I am grateful that we haven’t had any serious illnesses, just lots of the “creeping crud”!

We did have a yummy dinner tonight that I wanted to share.  It was perfect after being at co-op all day and it was definitely comfort food.  It is one of my favorite Pinterest finds.

Baked Potato Soup- Slow cooker style at Mama Loves Food

It’s super easy, you don’t even have to peel the potatoes!  Wash, cut, put in the crock pot!  I could smell it from the driveway when I got home!!!  Yum!!!


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One Response to Silly me!

  1. JoAnn says:

    Oh very yummy looking. I like a good baked potato soup. 🙂

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