I re-did my workboxes

I LOVE my workboxes!   They have been life changing in how we do our school!  I told myself (and the kids) that we would reorganize and get a good start this calendar year.  I am happy with how these turned out.  I still have some planning to do, but I have four kids’ boxes done and two kids have 2 weeks worth of school work!  I don’t know about you, but that’s a major accomplishment here and I am proud of it!  I have a goal now to plan school and prep boxes twice a month.  Once will have the 1st-15th and the second session will have the 16th to the end of the month.

The boys have the top row of boxes- George (17) has the first two sets- they have Star Wars tags, and David (7) has the next two sets- with the dinosaur tags.  The girls have the bottom boxes and got new tags this time,  Allie (13) has three sets- with Harry Potter tags and Evie (2) has one set with Disney Princess Tags.

I still have some planning to do for George’s as he resets his education goals for the rest of the year.  He will be a senior next year, so we need to evaluate his needs.  David’s boxes contain lesson plans for 2 weeks and work for one week.  After one week of school I refill his boxes with what is needed for the next week.  Allie’s boxes work much like David’s but she has 9 drawers instead of six.  I am still working on finding a routine for filling Evie’s drawers.  Right now she has chalk in one and is perfectly happy with that!

Here’s David’s planner sheet for one week.  The next week of plans is on the back.  Their planner pages live in their drawer #1.

This is Allie’s sheet


These strips are where their drawer tags go when they finish the work in that drawer for the day.  Each child has their own color.  I can tell at a glance who has done what and what still needs to be done!




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