A few November happenings

I have posted about some of the November stuff, but it’s been a very busy month!  So here are some more pictures!

Allie received her first award (the Joining Award) at American Heritage Girls.  We are enjoying this program!  David started Cub Scouts this year.  George is the assistant leader.  We are meeting at the same time and location.  It’s nice to be together.

This is an outfit we bought for Maddie almost 19 years ago!  (She is our only one that we didn’t know before she was born if she was a boy or girl).  It cracked me up that one of my children can still wear it and all that’s wrong with it is it developed this tiny hole in the toe!  🙂


We were taking pictures of Thomas’ toe and just snapping some other pics.  This one caught my eye, Thomas looks like Evie here!  I don’t always see the other kids in him.  Maybe I will see it more when he grows some hair!  lol!

This was a really cool opportunity for David and Allie!  Our homeschool co-op was asked to do the sign language to our school’s “theme” song as part of the worship time before a woman from Voice of the Martyrs spoke.  It was really neat to hear her talk about how she visits and helps missionaries around the world!

David is working hard on his activities in the  Tiger Cub book for Cub Scouts.  Here he is mixing primary colors and making secondary colors.  He painted cards for his friends’ birthday gifts, painting a picture to be used as a centerpiece for dinner, he cooked dinner, set the table and conscientiously  took turns talking at dinner.  He knocked out a bunch in one day!



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