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To say that I was excited for this product is an understatement!!  I have participated in Activity Bags swaps before!  We love them!  At the end of the school year last year I was seriously trying to get together a Preschool Activity Bags swap, but it just wasn’t coming together.  So……I was jumping up and down when I learned that I could review the Preschool
Activities in a Bag 1
and Preschool Activities in a Bag 2 and their new Travel Activities in a Binder!!!!

I organized swaps for both the Travel and Preschool activities.  I did the Travel Activities first as there was much less work involved and could set the return date sooner.  The directions for hosting a swap were very clear and so easy to follow.  I did alter the directions a little for this swap.  It was written that one participant in this swap provide binders and another dry erase markers.  The others were to provide 4 activities copied on cardstock and placed in a shiny page protector.  To make each participant’s part cost the same, I asked each one to provide their own binder and markers.  Each participant then provided 4 activities.   The swap I organized went very well, everyone seemed happy with what they got back.

There are many activities to keep everyone busy.  Some are one player and some are more.  Some are for older kids and some for younger ones.   My binder now has all of the activities- there are more than 40.  My kids are asking me to put another one together so there can be more to go around.  There is a wide variety of activities including counting animals, tic tac toe, mazes, drawing faces, guessing games and so much more.  It is so nice to have all of this in one binder.  There’s a nice cover to print and slide in the front of your binder.  We put in the suggested pen holder for our dry erase markers and a felt piece for an eraser.  We have had great success with the markers wiping right off the page protectors.

We are going to do the Preschool Activity swap this week.  We were scheduled to do it last week, but had to postpone because of Hurricane Sandy.  Putting this swap together was so easy because the directions are so clear and helpful!  We had 9 participants in this one.  I am putting together an activity that strings pieces of straws on strings and pipe cleaners to form patterns.  At the swap I will be getting 8 different activities including a object find using water bottles filled with rice and small objects, a shape/sequence matching activity, a fishing game, an activity to practice b and d, shape sticker matching and a few others.   Each activity is in a ziplock bag with a label with directions and contents/warning.  Each book contains over 30 activities.  I am looking forward to organizing another swap to add more to my collection

The prices are very reasonable for these ebooks.  The Preschool Activities in a Bag are $15.00 each or $27.00 for both.  The Travel Activities in a Binder are also $15.00. You can visit the Activity Bags website and get a free sampler of activities by taking a quick survey.

My kids LOVE these swaps.  They love helping me assemble our swap and going through all the ones we get back after the swap!  There is always so much variation in what we receive.  We enjoyed the Travel games and love that it’s nice and neat in a binder.  David actually sat still and played with this at home.  We’ve taken it in the van many times now and into dr’s offices!  I am LOVING this!!!  The preschool swap is very timely for me right now, as I have so many littles in my life to keep busy!  In the past we have participated in the Reading, Math and Science swaps.  We LOVE all of them and use them all the time.  We keep all of them organized and accessible.

You do not have to participate in a swap to use any of these products!  You certainly can put each one together for your own use.  One benefit in doing it as a swap is you can put many of the same swaps together for just a little bit more that doing one.  Each Activity in a Bag should average about $1 or less.


Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.   I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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