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Homeschool Legacy: Early Settlers in America Review

You can often hear me commenting on how I would love to write all my own curriculum, because what I am looking for is never in one resource.  WOW!  Homeschool Legacy wrote these for me!!!!  We received their Early Settlers of America Unit Study.  It is a Christian study covering the 13 Original Colonies in Early America.   It is recommended for grades 2-12.  This is a great age span for us because we can all do it together.

This unit study has so much packed into it!

There is:

  • suggested reading from great books,
  • devotions,
  • Christian men and women of that time,
  • geography,
  • crafts,
  • timeline,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • researching colonies,
  • information about artists,
  • creative writing assignments,
  • documentary suggestions,
  • field trip ideas and
  • “Stump your Dad” trivia questions with answers.

I have always tried to put together unit studies that include all subjects, hands on fun activities and a field trip.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to do.  I was so happy to see that Homeschool Legacy did such a great job doing it for me.   They have done all the prep work.  All I had to do was read over their suggested activities, choose what fit best for our family and go the the library for some suggested books.   My absolute FAVORITE part of this is how they incorporated Boy Scout and American Heritage Girl badge requirements in the study!!!!  Since our scout beginning MANY years ago, I have meshed my kids’ scout requirements with their school, getting in as much learning at once as possible.  Allie started American Heritage Girls this year so I was literally jumping up and down excited to have this work already done for me.  An extra bonus is that this study includes The Lost Colony- Roanoke, North Carolina which is not too far from here.  We have not been there since the older kids were little, so this is a great push for us to visit again.

Homeschool Legacy’s Unit Studies are written to be used once a week.  This is 6 weeks long.
Here is a suggested schedule.  One day is “unit study day”, the other 4 days just have read alouds scheduled.


Homeschool Legacy’s Early Settlers in America is $17.95.  I think this is a great price for a unit study with all of the planning done for you!  It’s super easy to follow and the activities are engaging and memorable!  I am able to use this in our workboxes by assigning older children activities to do with the younger ones.

The TOS Crew was offered many unit studies from Homeschool Legacy to review, including Horsing Around, Knights and Nobles, Forest for the Trees, Birds of a Feather, Native America, Lewis and Clark, Revolutionary Ideas, Weather on the Move and We the People.  See what others had to say about them HERE.

*Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.


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