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Vocab Videos Review

When we had the opportunity to review Vocab Videos, I jumped on it!  Even though I was going to have a baby in the middle of the review and the kids were going to be at camp for some of the review.  I love to hear them use new words, and use them correctly!  Building their vocabulary has helped them with their yearly standardized testing, their writing assignments and it will help them with their SAT’s in the near future.

From the Vocab Video website:

Vocab Videos combines memorable videos that students love and an extensive suite of digital study resources that reinforce vocabulary knowledge. The result is an engaging and highly effective interactive vocabulary system that enables students to:

  • EXPERIENCE vocabulary

  • LEARN vocabulary

  • MASTER vocabulary

Specially designed features allow educators to monitor student progress and ensure their class is maximizing their Vocab Videos experience.

Setting up my two students was very easy.  I put in their names and email addresses and that was it for the set up.  I was able to monitor student progress on the website.  I loved the simplicity of it!

The concept was good and videos were done professionally.  A screen comes up and you see the word and definition and then the word is read to you.    Next you watch the video and the word and definition come on the screen again. It was a nice reinforcement to see and hear the word and definition before and after the video.

There were a few things that I didn’t like.  The content was not desirable for our family.  In the first two videos we watched, the Lord’s name was taken in vain 4 times.  The videos are short, but there is a grouping that go together.  In this grouping there was bullying in a work setting, pursuing a female coworker for a date and other behavior that I found undesirable.  The videos are meant to be funny and memorable, I didn’t remember the word in the video, just the inappropriate content.

What we received is Vocab Videos Small Educators Subscription.  This subscription can be used with up to 20 students.   This yearly subscription is available for $74.95.  A single student subscription is available for 6 months ($24.99) and one year ($39.99).  Check out Vocab Videos FREE one month trail.  There is also a separate workbook available, it reinforces the 500 key vocab words.  It also covers synonyms, pronunciations and example sentences. that are on the SAT test and costs $11.99.


To see what others on the TOS Crew are saying about this, click HERE.

*Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.


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