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Create Better Writers Review

I received 3 e-books from Create Better Writers to review- How to Write a Paragraph, How to teach the Five Paragraph Essay and The Homeschool Writing Action Plan.  In all my 15 years of homeschooling, I have never heard anyone say that writing was the BEST and easiest subject for their family.  Create Better Writers is quite straight forward in presenting the writing process without a lot of frustration for the parent or child.

“How To Teach The Five-Paragraph Essay contains a step-by-step plan for teaching the five-paragraph essay. Teachers will be able to show their students how a simple outline will help students master one of the most important skills a student can acquire.”

“The format of this book leaves nothing to chance. The teacher is given everything needed to help students master essay writing. Students will be able to organize their ideas, then format and write a five-paragraph essay in about an hour. Every student will be prepared for any class, district, or state writing test.”

Softcover book $19.95, e-book $17.95.  Recommended for grades 4-12.

“Teach students one simple trick that will help them learn the paragraph.  Students will learn to organize their thoughts and write a well constructed paragraph.”

$7.99, recommended for grades 3 and up

The How to Write  a Paragraph book is written for the classroom, but can easily be adapted for one student or more than one student at different levels.  There are pacing instructions to help guide you.  Each lesson is short, very little prep time is needed and there is no “fluff” to distract your student.


“This book takes the stress and guess work out of writing instruction.  Writing is one of the most challenging subjects to teach.  There are so many components, knowing how to progress from beginning to end can be overwhelming.  This action plan will show you where to begin and how to advance through each phase of your students’ writing career.  Begin any time from grade three to high school.  By the time you complete all the steps outlined in this book, you will have students with outstanding writing abilities prepared for the SAT/ACT, college, and career.”

“The three sections of this book begin with a summary of all the steps your students will need to complete as they move from grade to grade.  This will allow you to see where your students should be and where they are headed.  Next, there are three pacing guides.  Whether you are beginning your students’ instruction in elementary, middle, or high school, you will know exactly how much time to spend on each skill and how to keep all their skills fresh in their minds.  Finally, you will receive a summary of how to teach each skill.  In many cases, you may have the curriculum you need to teach each skill.  If you do not feel confident that you have what you need, we will recommend effective curriculum for you.”

Softcover $19.95, e-book $15.95, recommended for grades 3-12

The Homeschool Writing Action Plan Book outlines what your child should be learning and practicing for writing throughout their school years.  This uses some of the e-books that I received, plus others available from Create Better Writers. More complete homeschool bundles are available  starting at $84.00.



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*Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.


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