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Super Duper Publications: Hear Builder Review

Super Duper Publications had a three products for me to choose from for this review.  I requested Hear Builder Following Directions Home Edition CD-ROM to see if my very busy David could learn to sit and listen at the same time!  Wow!  He can!!!  He started playing the game and following simple instructions, as he progressed, the list of instruction got longer and longer.  He did not get frustrated at all!  There is a parent’s section you can go to see your child’s progress report.

Super Duper Publications’ catalog is HUGE!  It even came with stickers to tag wish list items.  I had always wondered where the kids’ speech and occupational therapist got their fun stuff…it was from here!  Many items in the catalog are geared toward using it with many children.  I enjoyed receiving the CD-ROM, because we can use it over and over with my little ones.

This version of the CD-ROM is for grades PreK-3, ages 4-9 and for 1-4 players.  Here’s how it’s described on the back of the case:

  • “Webber HearBuilder Following Directions is an innovative, evidence- based, interactive software program that gives children a systematic way to improve their auditory and following directions skills.  At the same time, they will become Master Toy Makers while building their own Toy Central factories.”
  • “Children learn to: Follow increasingly difficult directions.  Show knowledge of 40 basic concepts in five areas: Basic Directions, Sequential Directions, Quantitative and Spatial Directions, Temporal Directions and Conditional Directions.”


This can be used with both Windows and Macintosh.  I think this is a great value at $69.95.  Super Duper Publications is offering 30% off Hear Builder Following Directions until August 31, 2012, using  Coupon Code:  BLGFD30.  Shipping is free on orders over $20.

Members of the TOS Crew got the choice of three products products to review: Hear Builder Following Directions, Jeeper Peepers and Hear Builder Auditory Memory.  To see what they had to say about these items and get the coupon code for them, click HERE.

*Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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