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Homeschool Spanish Academy Review

I hadn’t originally signed up for this review because we have been so busy around here with graduation and expecting a baby, but I was asked to be part of this one and I am very glad that we got to try Homeschool Spanish Academy!!  We did the early language program with David who is 6 (not reading yet and just finished Kindergarten). We scheduled his lesson with an instructor who’s first language is Spanish.  Before the lesson, tech support called and made sure our computer was compatible with their program.  Our connection had to be a decent speed and we needed a web cam, speaker and microphone.  When the instructor called, David was very excited that he got to use Skype!  We could see the teacher on the screen and she showed us pictures and taught the Spanish words for them. His first lesson was supposed to be vowels, but the teacher could see that he didn’t really know them because he couldn’t read yet.  She changed to fruits.  David liked to repeat the Spanish words for the fruits.  He was nervous at first, but warmed up.  His lesson was about 25 minutes.  We scheduled another lesson for the following week.  This time we got a different instructor.  She was a little more out going and he warmed up to her a little faster.  He reviewed the fruits with her and he really remembered a lot of them, she went on to teach him some more fruits.  After that she went over some greetings.

I loved how this was a one on one lesson.  Also there were no additional expenses for books.  The homework was emailed in pdf format.  The instructors were very nice and did a great job of teaching.  David would wake up the morning of his lesson and be so excited!!

I think David would benefit much more by waiting until the end of his first grade year.  His attention span only lasted about 10 minutes and he would start to get antsy.  Also knowing how to read would have helped him to pick up so much more.  He did learn many words and remembers them.

I have added the pricing schedule for the early language (age 5 and up) program.  Homeschool Spanish Academy also has 3 other levels: middle school, high school and adult.  The lessons for the higher levels are 50 minutes long.  Visit the TOS Crew page to read what others are saying about all Homeschool Spanish Academy’s levels.

Visit Homeschool Spanish Academy’s website to try a free lesson.


*Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.


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