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Heritage History Review

I received a CD of Heritage History‘s British Middle Ages to review.  We love to read “living books” about history here and I was very excited to see what they have to offer.  This is how it is described on the back of my CD- ” The British Middle Ages Curriculum introduces all of the themes common to medieval and early modern Europe, but with a particular emphasis on English history and culture.  Our complete curriculum includes a library of engaging traditional history books, as well as maps, illustrations, timeline and other study aids developed to help foster a life time interest in British and European history.”  This is recommended for older elementary school students through high school students as they have included so many resources.  These resources are color coded for you to easily see what is appropriate for your child.

Heritage History offers 5 different volumes: British Empire, British Middle Ages, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Young Readers.  Each volume sells individually for $24.99  Their entire 5 volume set ,The World History Collection, is available for $99.99, a savings of $25 if bought individually.  Or right now, they are running a Buy 2 – Get the Third Free sale, which is actually 1/3 off on the purchase of three Curriculum OR Library CDs.

British Middle Ages, as well as the other volumes, are packed with books!!!  This one has 55 books!!!!  A homeschoolers dream!  These books are in PDF format and  can be read on your computer, printed out or transferred to any ereader device.  In addition to books you also get 60+ maps, teaching aids and a study guide.  It was easy to install on my computer, easy to navigate and does not need internet connection.

The books they have chosen are older public access books, but so appropriate for learning history.  These are straight forward stories.  Politics, names and dates are not the main subjects here, but true history is!  You might think books that are older would be harder to read, but were not.

From their website: “Most of the books prepared for Heritage History take a old-fashioned, or story-based approach to presenting history, rather than an analytical or critical approach. Our books do not attempt to explain the “underlying forces” that influence history, or critique ancient notions of human rights, or focus on contrasts between cultures. Instead they are based simply on stories that have been retold for dozens of generations regarding individual characters, important conflicts, and events of special interest. The stories are connected by simple narrative threads and are shorn of complicated analysis.”

This could be used as a stand alone curriculum or a look into a certain time period.  Even though there is a study guide, it does not dictate what to do each day.  It is self paced.  I broke it up into daily pieces and added it to our workboxes.  We have enjoyed using this and I would really like to expand my collection on Heritage History CDs!!

Members of the TOS Crew also reviewed Heritage History, including the other CDs, see what they had to say about them here.

*Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Heritage History Young Reader’s CD at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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