Our Chicken Coop

Chick fever is in the air!  I thought I would share my chicken coop with everyone.  Those cute baby chicks are everywhere and so fuzzy!!!  I love our chickens and they give us the yummiest eggs!!!  It looks like a duck maybe added to our flock soon.  Allie is the proud new mommy of a yellow fuzzy duckling!  It’s name will be Ming Ming if it’s a girl!  Ha, ha, ha!  I love The Wonder Pets!

My husband, George, did the most awesomest job and building me this coop!  It cost us only $7, as everything was reclaimed except the latches!  We even reused screws from previous projects!  It’s raised off the ground and enclosed.  The coop it self is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 5-6 feet tall.

I love having the “chicken” door and the “people” door.  It’s been so nice to be able to close them in the run and work in the coop.

We have 9 hens now.  2 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Barred Rocks, 1 White Eater Egger, and 2 misc white ones.  I am not ready to add a rooster.  At this time I have no need for one!  These girls are protected and we really don’t need any fertilized eggs.

We did a lot of research when we decided to build this.  We wanted to not make some mistakes that others have regretted.  I love everything we did.  We set up the perches where they are not over anything else, they can’t hang out on top of the nesting boxes and there is nothing above the food and water for them to perch on.  This makes it so there is very little poop on other things!  My favorite part is the “deep litter method”!  This totally rocks!  We put a few inches of pine bedding down and mix it up every day or so.  The waste and the pine makes it’s own little micro-environment.  When it starts to smell like chickens and not pine we mix in a little more pine.  There is no mess to step in, smell or scrape!!!  Brilliant! This bedding gets cleaned out every 6-12 months and set aside for garden compost!  Love it!!!!


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