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Math Mammoth Review

We have been given the opportunity to review a math curriculum from Math Mammoth.  Up until last year I was very brand loyal for our math curriculum- I had used the same company for MANY years.  What wasn’t broken didn’t need fixing right?  Well guess what, it finally broke!  We were finding huge gaps with certain kids using the same old curriculum.  I started looking around and Math Mammoth is a great find!!!  They have so much to offer.  You can use a full year’s curriculum or concentrate on a trouble spot like addition or multiplication.

The author, Maria Miller, began her math adventure as a math teacher, then homeschool mom, and math tutor.  She has written a curriculum series that is practical and down to earth.  There is little or no prep work and the directions are very clear for the student to follow with little parental instruction.

Math Mammoth offers a complete years curriculum for grades 1-6 called the Light Blue Series.  The downloadable edition is $34.  Here is a description from the Math Mammoth website:

Covers grades 1-6. Mastery-oriented. Emphasizes conceptual development in a logical sequence. Practically self-teaching – only a little teacher involvement needed Math Mammoth Light Blue books constitute a complete mathematics curriculum for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Just like the Blue books, they contain explanations of the topics and are like a textbook & workbook in the same book.  

The Light Blue series covers all topics for a given grade level. Each grade level includes two parts of a worktext (A and B), tests, cumulative reviews, answer keys, and a worksheet maker.

Worktext by topics are also available for grades 1-6 (7).  This is called the Blue Series.  These would be the supplemental or review material for a certain areas of math.  These downloads range from $2 to $7.  Topics covered in the Blue Series include: addition, subtraction, place value, clock and money, measuring, multiplication and division, geometry and statistics, fractions and decimals, ratios, proportions, percent and algebraic thinking.  Package deals are available for purchasing many topics at a time.

Worksheets by topic (Golden Series), worksheets by topic (Green Series), Make it Real Learning and States by the Numbers,  are also available.

There are placement tests available, but author Ms. Miller personally helped us chose a level that was right for my 15 year old son.  Her customer service through email was awesome!!  She recommended The Light Blue Series (whole curriculum) for 6th grade.  We had no problem with the download. I was able to add assignments to my son’s workboxes that included 1-3 pages of work  a day.  A chapter review and tests are available.  An answer key is also included for all work including tests.  We chose not to print out each worksheet.  My son goes to the computer and writes his answers in a notebook.  He has actually enjoying this curriculum!  He says “it doesn’t stink”!!  That’s pretty good for math!  He also said “it was informative, not frustrating, and would recommend it”.  This has shown him math from a different angle.  He is usually very good at math, but this has been great for him to learn more of the why’s.  It’s usually not too hard to follow the how’s of math, but understanding why is does “that” is the key to remembering and applying it later. We are looking forward to using more Math Mammoth in the future!

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** I received  a download of Math Mammoth in exchange for my honest review of it, with no additional compensation.




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