Wits and Wagers Family Review

WooHoo!!!  Another game to review!!  This time it’s Wits and Wagers Family from Northstar Games. Wits and Wagers is described as the “the most-award winning party game in history”.  Northstar Games made a family edition that makes the scoring a little easier for the whole family to play.  It is recommended for ages 8 and up and 3 or more people are needed to play.  Younger children can play, but they may need a little help or be on someone’s team.

I was very impressed with the box of this game.  We are getting quite the collection of games right now and appropriate storage is getting limited.  This box is very sturdy and when turned on it’s side is labeled like a book!!!  All the info about the game is right there on the “spine”!  We also received another game from Northstar games and it’s boxed the same.  They will be stored on a book shelf and not lost in the game cabinet!!

This is a fun guessing game!  There are 150 cards containing 300 questions.  Each answer is a number.  The best part is you will most likely not have any clue what the answer is!!! LOL!!  After the question is asked you write your guess on a sturdy wipe off card with the dry erase marker provided.  All cards are then laid out for everyone to see.  Each player is given 2 “Meeples” a big one and a little one.  You place you “Meeples” on the answer cards you think are closest to the correct answer without going over.    One point is given for giving the winning answer, two points for having your big “Meeple on the winning card and one point for having your small “Meeple” on the winning card.  Play ends when the first player or team reaches 15 points.

The “Meeples” are small wooden people shaped game pieces.  They are so cute!  Each games comes with 5 sets of “Meeples”.  These are SO fun!!  It is nice to have wood pieces in the game!!

Wits and Wagers is available online and a variety of stores. This games retails for  $19.99.

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** I received a free copy of the game Wits & Wagers in exchange for my honest review of it, with no additional compensation.

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One Response to Wits and Wagers Family Review

  1. Luke says:

    Excellent review! Thanks so much.

    Just wanted to clarify that the game is $19.99, not $24.99.

    And yes, Meeples are cute. That is why we put them in there!

    North Star Games

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