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Aletheia Writing Magazine- Review


We received Aletheia Writing Magazine’s Fall 2011 issue in the mail, along with the digital copy of the Summer 2011 issue. I wasn’t sure what to expect, it wasn’t something you hear of all the time.  I have some writers here and was curious.  I thought it would be something of a teacher’s guide to writing. It wasn’t that at all!  Alethiea is a magazine for Christian teens, ages 13-19, to have their works published.  They can submit many types of works including stories, articles, poems, book reviews and nature photos.  This magazine is not just for homeschoolers, but most of the submissions happened to be by homeschooled teens.  I think this magazine is one of those finds that makes homeschoolers happy, it’s an opportunity to be published in something bigger than a family newsletter.

A subscription includes four 40 page color issues per year. This is not a flimsy little magazine.  It has high quality pages and is beautiful with submitted artwork!! The subscription price includes shipping & handling. $26 per year in the United States, $29 per year in Canada and shipping is available to Europe by contacting the magazine.  You can view a sample of their Spring 2011 issue here.

Each edition of the Aletheia Writing Magazine includes a Writers Challenge, a Featured Contributor, a Book Review, a Nature Photo, Ancient Ink (famous quotes from the past), and an interview.

The Aletheia website is just as nice as their magazine.  There you will find writing tips , a Writer’s Challenge, interviews, and much more!

We enjoyed this magazine very much!  We have passed it around reading all the stories.  My favorite story in the fall issue is called “Ordinary”, written by Meagan Peckover, age 15.  The story is about a young man who discovers joy in the ordinary.  The artist featured in this edition is Joe Goode.  His work is absolutely gorgeous!!!   It’s been a pleasure to review this magazine and my 12 year old daughter is excited to share it in her Co-op Writing class.

*As a member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received a free issue of Alethia in order to write this review and have shared my honest opinion.  To read other reviews  TOS Homeschool Crew blog.



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