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William Tyndale: God’s Smuggler E book is a fun 21 page Unit Study for preschool through high school, available by Soli Deo Gloria Resources for $8.00.  It’s very well put together and easy to use.  Teacher preparation was very minimal.  The guide suggested books, movies and websites to use.  Vocabulary words, time line items and some hand outs were provided.   It is written as a  5 day study, but you could easily make it longer just using the resources given.  William Tyndale: God’s Smuggler covered many subjects including history, geography, science, language arts, Bible, character study and art.  This Unit Study includes activities for all learning styles.  There were activities that each of my children enjoyed and ones that challenged them.  They rose to the challenge and were very proud of their accomplishments.

We had never heard about William Tyndale before and enjoyed learning about his life.  We learned that Tyndale translated the Bible into English so that people could read the Bible for themselves.  During this time in Europe only priests could read the Bible in Latin then interpret the lesson as they wanted.  The church used this to their advantage to remain very powerful.  It was illegal to translate the Bible into a language the common person could understand.  Tyndale saw how corrupt this was and knew that the New Testament was originally written in Greek (the language of the common person) for everyone to be able to educate themselves in God’s teachings.  He worked very hard translating the Bible even though it was against the law.  He stayed in hiding in different parts of Europe before he was caught and burnt at the stake.  Just a few years later, the law was changed and Bibles were translated all over Europe in many languages.

Not only did we learn about William Tyndale, this was a fascinating time in history.  Beginning with the Dark Ages through the Renaissance.  We learned about the plague and hardships people faced, then about the rebirth of the arts.  This study has given us a concrete look at this time period and sparked curiosity about many of the events that happened during this time.  Some neat things we learned were all the important people and events covered in our time line: the first printing press, the Spanish Inquisition, Columbus discovers America, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, the first factories, the plague, William Shakespeare, Galileo, Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and we learned that the first indoor bathroom was installed in the Queen’s Palace in 1596!

This is how I used this Unit Study with my 3 middle children: daughter 16, son 14 and daughter 11.  We made folders to keep all of our work in.  They had fun coloring the picture for the front cover.  (You never get too old for coloring!)  I read some of the background information to them as they colored.  Some of the activities we did: labeling a map with Tyndale’s travels, handwriting copy work about Tyndale, we made a time line spanning 200 years, we learned about art in this time period (Michelangelo and DiVinci), defined vocabulary words, learned about the plague and watched a movie.  We did follow some online links that the study gave to us.  We did not do all the activities suggested in the unit study, but did not stray from what was given.  Some of their comments were: “educational, fun, i would like more Unit Studies like this, I like coloring, challenging but fun”.

We really enjoyed this Unit Study!  Soli Deo Gloria has many, many more studies available.  We are excited to use more resources from them.    Here are a few titles: Four Thousand Years of Ancient History in Four Weeks, Kindergarten Basics, Map Skills, Oceans and Marine Life, American Presidents, The Human Body, Weather and Young Hearts Longing for God.  They also have a How to Guide for using Unit Studies.  Most resources are available  in book and ebook form.  They range from $8.00-$17.00.   Unit Study lenghs vary some are as short as 5 days and some as long as 10 weeks.   Their site has so much more!!

Our Time Line

Soli Deo Gloria Resources were provided free for my review, as a member of the TOS Crew.  I also state that the opinion is my honest opinion, and I was not reimbursed in any other way.

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