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Curriculm Review- America’s Math Teacher by Math Essentials

America’s Math Teacher is an online math curriculum created by Math Essentials.   A year’s subscription is $195.00 per family.  It can be used as a supplement to your math curriculum or a stand alone program. The age range spans Basic Math (grade 4) to Algebra (High School and Adult).  There is nothing to distract the student, videos are to the point and exercises have no pictures or cartoons.  This would also be good for adults needing math help.   There are 3 basic sections to choose from: Learning Center, Evaluation Center and the Resource Center.  The Learning Center is broken down into 4 sections: Basic Math, Advanced Math, Pre Algebra and Algebra.  In each section you will find links to video lessons that build on the lesson before it.  The margin provides links to printable exercises and online speed drills to help reinforce the lesson if necessary. The printable exercises can be used as workbooks.   The Evaluation Center contains online quizzes and exams for each level.  The Resource Center has links to the printable exercises, online speed drills and the complete video lesson list.

As a reviewer, sometimes we have to share a subscription with other families.  This was one of those times.  I would have liked to have personalized this to our family.   It would have been helpful to have  a place to set your child’s level or a placement test, and have it continue to give your child lessons as they master each section.   I did think that the lessons were put together well and easy to understand.  Please keep in mind at the time of my review they are still revising their program.

16 year old daughter’s thoughts: I like the videos, but  I didn’t like that there is no placement test or guidance built in the program.

14 year old son’s thoughts: I liked that the videos were informative and easy to understand.  I liked that it was online and thought the lessons are comprehensive and cover many areas of math.  I didn’t like that I couldn’t have my own account, I thought the results from the tests were difficult to understand and I didn’t like that the tests were timed.

11 year old daughter’s thoughts:  I liked that there are videos.  I didn’t like that I wasn’t sent to the next lesson automatically.  I didn’t like that there was nothing (like points) to motivate me.

America’s Math Teacher was provided free for my review, as a member of the TOS Crew.  I also state that the opinion is my honest opinion, and I was not reimbursed in any other way.


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